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Holographic films are ideal in packaging industry for flexible packaging. Wide web holographic film are commonly used for printing, gift-wraps, packaging, lamination, stickers etc. The richness of the film contributes to the sales that can be achieved by packaging of consumer items. In the recent past, holography has also developed into a major deterrent for duplication and counterfeiting of products such as credit cards, drivers licenses, pharmaceutical products, computer software etc.

The complexity of the holographic pattern makes it nearly impossible to be reproduced, by adding additional, nearly invisible authentication markings known only to our clients. Holographic product label with customized images, involves technologies that are out of reach of most counterfeit rings.

These films are available in geometrical and custom made pattern in P V C., Polyester, B. O. P. P. from 10 to 50 microns in thickness, and up to 1200mm in width.


holographic film samples 1     holographic packaging samples 1     holographic packaging samples 1     holographic packaging samples 1
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Material available

BOPP ------------ "Biaxial Oriented PolyPropylene"

PET ------------ "PolyEthylene Terephthalate"

PVC ------------ "Polyvinyl chloride"

A. PET hologram film, 20 micron, 30 micron thickness, silver , golden, green, blue,etc.
B. OPP hologram film,20 micron, 30 micron thickness, silver , golden, green, blue,etc.
C. transparent OPP, PET hologram film

holographic film samples 1

Hologram film with small dot design samples

holographic film samples 1

Hologram film with kinematic movement design samples. It's sample hologram design with different color.

holographic film samples 1

Waving rainbow design hologram film which is widely used by toothpaste box packaging

holographic film samples 1

Special hologram film kinematic movement. It's very shining hologram design without normal hologram color. This is Len effect hologram film.

holographic packaging samples 1


holographic packaging samples 1

Applications :

holographic packaging samples 1

*2D Two Dimensional
*3D Three Dimensional
*2D/3D Two/ Three Dimensional
*3D Dot matrix generated images

holographic film samples 1

This is big size hologram nickel master shim which is used to emboss film. This master size is 1200mm*600mm


Transparent hologram film samples

Transparent BOPP Holographic film


Transparent BOPP Holographic film


Transparent PET Holographic film with pillar light pattern.


Transparent PET Holographic film


Demetalized transparent hologram film sample


Transparent hologram film with over printing

Transparent plain rainbow hologram film with over printing


Transparent hologram film with over printing and alumimum washing

Holographic packaging has been shown to increase the sales of certain products. Projection holograms are especially eye-catching and are used at trade shows and retail stores. They can be used to display extremely delicate or valuable objects. A classic example was an image of a diamond-adorned hand that was projected over the sidewalk outside the Cartier jewelry store in New York City in 1970. Not only did it catch the attention of people walking by it, it attracted television news crews. In fact, it was even attacked by an umbrella-wielding pedestrian who thought it was the "work of the devil." In another instance, rather than repeatedly handling the fragile skull of the 2,300 year old Lindow Man, researchers studied its holographic image. Scotland Yard's Forensic Science Department used this holographic image to construct a physical model of the remains of the prehistoric man. As yet another application of holography, former Chicago Bears football coach Mike Ditka displayed a holographic portrait of himself in his restaurant to create a somewhat personal image when he could not be there in person.

Holograms can be made at home by hobbyists for a modest investment in equipment. The process requires a laser and an isolation table to prevent movement of the equipment while the film is being exposed. Holograms are also produced commercially and can be reproduced in large quantities. Using stock artwork, a master hologram for mass production can be created for as little as $2,500, whereas using custom artwork can cost $5,000 to $10,000. Reproducing the image costs from 1 to 4 cents per inch (2.5 cm), depending on the volume; this represents a 40% decrease since embossed holograms were first marketed in the late 1970s. Finished holograms can be attached to other objects as pressure-sensitive labels (0.5 to 1.5 cents each) or by hot stamping (2 to 5 cents each). Once the artwork is finalized, it takes about three months to create and reproduce a batch of commercial holograms. It is estimated that more than $200 million worth of embossed holograms were manufactured in 1995.

Pillar light pattern transparent hologram film for tooth paste box packaging.

The principle of laser holographic anti-counterfeit packaging: laser holographic picture was taken in the whole process, if you have a condition (such as shooting rainbow hologram), holographic logo effect there will be differences; hologram holographic information withordinary camera can not shoot, thus the holographic pattern is difficult to duplicate.

The ordinary laser hologram Usually molded aluminized polyester film aluminized effect is to increase the intensity of reflected light so that the reproduced image is brighter. The illumination light and the observation direction in this side of the observer, so that the laser rainbow embossed hologram is opaque. Transparent laser hologram is actually canceled aluminized layer, the hologram is molded directly on a transparent polyester film.

Reflection laser hologram imaging principle is the incident laser light incident on the transparent holographic latex medium, a part of the light as the reference light, the other part through the media to illuminate an object, and then scattered back by the object medium as the object beam, the object light and reference light mutual interference, interference fringe surface is generated inside of the dielectric multilayer dielectric backsheet after treatment is generated inside of the dielectric multilayer semitransparent reflective surface, the light source illuminating the hologram with the white point, the medium internally generated multilayer semitransparent reflective surface of the light reflected back , facing the reflected light can see a virtual image of the original, which is called the reflected laser hologram.



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