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Variety of products can be decorated by Hot-Stamping. Holographic hot-stamping foil is fused onto paper, plastic, leather surfaces by hot stamping equipments and integrated together with Paper, PVC, Leather etc. The most famous application case of hologram hot stamping is credit card.

A. General Design Hologram Hot Stamping Sample Patterns  

B. Hologram Hot Stamping Foil Characteristics and Hot Stamping Temperature  

C. Hologram Hot Stamping Machinery and Project & Whole Production Line Supply, Technology Transfer and Training  

D. Hot Stamping Machines and Equipment & Hot Stamping Process  

E. Hologram Card with Hologram Hot Stamping  

F. Hot Stamping Solution for Variety of Products.  

Hologram Hot Stamping Foil,With hot stamping process, can be transferred to a wide variety of materials, such as paper, synthetic leather, fabric, iron, and plastic. It's well recognized that hot foils can easily promote the images and value of products. Hologram hot stamping foils used on all kinds of product packaging, greeting cards, gifts, stationery, calendars, book covers credit cards, £żeather articles & variety of plastics like telephone ‘Ōetc. When incorporated with custom design pattern or logo, Hologram hot stamping foils become security foils that protect credit cards, passport, and value documents from counterfeit.

What's Hologram Hot Stamping Foil make of

Hologram hot-stamping soil is a multi-layered PET film with hologram image. Generally, it starts with a 15-25 micron polyester carrier coated with a waxy release layer, then a special coating with the top coating layer to impart resistance to whatever hostile environment, the foil will be exposed to. As the name suggests, the hologram foil is fused onto a host surface by means of heat and pressure. The host surface can be paper, plastic, etc., and once applied it becomes part of the surface and cannot be removed or transferred. This hologram coating protects everything beneath it. Beneath the top coating is the emboss able coating which receives the embossing of image. The material is then metallized by vacuum deposition of aluminum layer.

hot stamping foilhologram hot stamping foil


1. Hologram Hot Stamping Foils with Registration Marks - registered hologram hot stamping foil

A single holographic image with a register or reading mark provided. Lots of customized design hologram hot stamping foils have registration marks which are traced by hot stamping machine automatic when application. The hologram logo will be transfer onto paper and PVC card by hot stamping process. The hologram fuses onto substrate and protects it.
register hologram with photo cellregister hologram hot stamping foil

Hologram hot stamping foil with register eye mark (white photo cell). Each SECURE hologram logo has one register mark along with it. Automatic hot stamping machine can locate position of hologram hot stamping foil.


2. Hologram Hot Stamping Foils without Registration Marks - wallpaper design hologram hot stamping foil

Non-registered hologram hot stamping foil is an optical device or hologram which creates a continuous design in wallpaper pattern. We have generic design hologram hot stamping foil with word

General Hologram hot stamping sample photo.

general design hologram hot stamping foil
'ORIGINAL', 'AUTHENTIC' design wallpaper design hologram hot stamping foil

Authentic hologram hot stamping foil
'ORIGINAL', 'AUTHENTIC' design wallpaper design hologram hot stamping foil

Hologram stamping foil has been transfer onto paper. Dot-matrix hologram type, general design. It has word 'ORIGINAL', 'AUTHENTIC'. The left hologram is logo transfer onto paper. The hologram is wallpaper design.

hologram hot stamping foil without registeroriginal hologram wallpaper

ORIGINAL wallpaper design hologram hot stamping foil.

Hologram hot stamping onto lette head.

We also have more than 100 designs hologram hot stamping foil without any words. To see photoes and pattern of these hologram hot stamping foil please visit link: General Design Hologram Hot Stamping Sample Patterns . More hologram pattern: Hologram pattern without word

plain wallpaper hologramDot holographic hot stamping

Plain rainbow effect hologram hot stamping foil without word and dot pattern hologram hot stamping foil. To see more photoes, please visit link: General Design Hologram Hot Stamping Sample Patterns

holographic hot stamping foilholographic hot stamping


3. Hologram Hot Stamping Foil with Demetallization and Transparent Aluminum Washing Area:

To make improve the security of hologram hot stamping foil, we can make complicated hologram with hidden text, micron text, guilloche lines, multi-chansels, flip-flop, special optical elements, in dot-matrix and 2D/3D hologram. We can make kinds of kinematic movement effects with good viewing depth to enhance security of hologram. If these security still is not enough, we can make the hologram hot stamping foil de-metalization or transparent Aluminum washing. Then the hologram can have patially transparent after you fused onto substrate.
register hologramregister hologram

Advantage to Select Hologram Hot Stamping for Security and Brand Protection

hologram hot stamping foilSelection of hologram hot stamping transfer products for use is on a wide range of substrates and application equipment. General design hologram hot stamping is available in silver, gold, green, blue,etc. as well as the custom design hologram hot stamping Foil.

From the uses point of view, they are almost limitless. Also from security perspective, it is a superior security device as it is virtually impossible to remove it from substrate. You can use it to authenticate credit cards or other items including security documents. In addition to these uses, they can be stamped on to the package or on to a pre-printed label, there by authenticating the carton or label and thereby associating it with product. itself. Further more you can use Hot-Stamping foils on Textile Garments or plastic or paper e.g. greeting cards & collectibles.

Hologram Hot Stamping has a strong visual appeal and are easy to verify.

Hologram Hot Stamping is easy to incorporate or apply to product and packaging.

Hologram Hot Stamping is difficult to replicate or remove.

Hologram Hot Stamping is relatively cost effective to produce and use.


Our Hologram Hot Stamping Products in affordable cost and good quality

Our hologram hot stamping foils have excellent quality. The custom design hologram hot stamping foil is strongly recommended to the anti-counterfeit packaging uses of the products. The price of our Hologram Hot Stamping is extremely competitive in the world.


Specifications of Foils: security hologram  hot stamping foil More Characteristics

Width of Foil: from 25mm to 640mm in roller

Standard Foil Size:

120meter * 64cm *12micron

280 meter * 64cm *12micron

2500 meter * 64cm *12micron

5000 meter * 64cm *12micron

Or any length according to customer's requirement

Thickness: 12 micron
Types: hot stamping to Paper, PVC card, ABS , PS & PVC, Wood, Nylon, Leather, Painted Metals, Cardboard, Labels, Plastic, etc.
Patterns: Generals or Customized Design
Colors of Foil: Silver, Golden, Red, Blue, Green or any customized color according to requirement

Any customized requirement and specifications are available under our good service.


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Automatic Hologram Hot Stamping Machine More Equipment  



Red hologram hot stamping on paper. As the name suggests, the foil is fused onto a host surface by means of heat and pressure. The host surface can be paper, plastic, etc., and once applied it becomes part of the surface and cannot be removed or transferred.

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