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Creation - Holographic Universe - 2


By Ellie Crystal, Reality is a projected illusion - or hologram - created by consciousness thought.

It all begins with a tone and a pulse of light that separates in 12 pyramds around 1 - forming a matrix or grid of sound, light and color. This creates a grid which projects the illusions of realities on difference frequency levels.

The creational hologram is based on mathematics that repeat in cycles called time. We refer to this as Sacred Geometry - the blueprint of our hologram.

The hologram is not stationary. It is based on spiraling light and thought and is forever in flux.

I believe we were created an an experiment in Linear Time and Emotions - based on electromagnetic polarities that keep our consciousness within the grids of the illusion. We were created to experience within what one could perceive of as an program.

There is a beginning and there will be an abrupt end - the end we sense as an explosion. Yet it is nothing more than the close of the holographic program and the lifting of consciousness from its confines.

Mankind has always pondered the origin of its creation as that is part of our DNA codings to search and quest for a way home.

By its very creation - the hologram can be explained by physics as we come closer to the truth. Reality and the illusion are all about physics and math.

Many people are of the theory that reality is a hoologram. I am not alone. Neither are you.


Holographic anti-counterfeit labels produced by professional security companies the first designers design hologram effect diagram. The hologram master system by professional laser plate-making factory, the security company under this master tomolded corresponding hologram film, and then through a holographic anti-counterfeit labels can be used with glue, double bottom, die-cutting process. In the production process can increase digital anti-counterfeiting technology, fluorescent anti-counterfeiting technology, ultra-miniature anti-counterfeiting technology, laser burning white, ultra-lines, so as to further improve its anti-counterfeiting efforts.


Development and Application of hologram

Digital Matrix anti-counterfeiting hologram and Classical 2D/3D hologram

The hologram image three-dimensional interferometry and NDT field has been successfully applied, the more extensive use of laser holography is molded after the invention of hologram technology. Early hologram replication to laser as the light source, with a photosensitive material as carrier leaflets replication, the process complexity, high cost and low efficiency.

Applied to the holographic anti-counterfeiting of banknotes

(PET, BOPP, etc.) heating, the metal master a certain pressure on the pressure in the thin film material, a relief hologram on the metal master is pressed into the embossed hologram film material. This is a high-volume, high-speed, low-cost laser hologram replication method, a leap to the application of hologram technology.

One step hologram technology developed by the earlier two-step rainbow method, a two-step rainbow mask method and shiny grating. In materials, permanent molding material development to disposable molded material stamping molding material, the material pre-or post-processing and the development of the rule of dealumination partially dealuminated halftone holographic perspective hologram; and printing technology.

The combination of the development of the fluorescent ink, laser uncover-logo, laser scratch-type logo, hologram hot stamping; combination of the two materials and the development of a double secret identity; combination with other anti-counterfeiting technology and the development of logo hologram phone codes. Non-expert inspection holographic anti-counterfeit trademark authenticity from a simple visual development card test, magnifying glass inspection, laser beam irradiation test, the trend of the future is electronic identification test.

Disposable molded material to use to solve the the secondary transfer problem of the anti-counterfeit trademark, plays a huge role in the promotion of molded hologram trademark. Stamping molding material use packaging, anti-counterfeiting integration affect the speed of its promotional materials due to domestic holographic hot stamping process, but this will be the largest molded hologram applications.

The wide webmolding machine of the present invention greatly improve the production efficiency. Pretreatment holographic molding material and or processing can produce rules dealumination (Rules expose) type, the partially dealuminated type, positioning off the aluminum-type hollow embossed hologram anti-counterfeit labels and the halftone holographic and perspective holographic anti-counterfeit labels.

Affordable Hologram Machinery Display Holography and Embossed Hologram Hologram Interferometry Measure


Third, encrypted information in hologram sticker also make hologram is difficult to copy.

Too see samples, please visit Laser hidden text and Morie hidden text in hologram

The use of special optical coding technique can be encrypted in the hologram label, hologram hot stamping. These holograms or may be the reproduced size of the object with the human eyes to the change in distance between the hologram changes, or stored in the hologram of a point addition information, or the hologram itself is generated by a computer dot-matrix system. With a special three-dimensional object model as the target of the hologram, the reproduction is a perspective view identical to the original. Because of the higher technological content, therefore more difficult to be copied.

Using high-resolution hologram

Because recorded on the hologram backsheet is a thin, dense interference fringes, so the photosensitive material requires high-resolution. Ordinary photographic uses photosensitive film due to coarse particles of silver compounds can only record 50 to 100 per millimeter of stripes, the photosensitive film Tianjin plant the production of I-type hologram dry plate, with a resolution of up to 3000 per mm, can meet hologram photographic requirements.

Holographic photo of flushing process
The washing process is also critical. We follow the recipe requires dispensing with the developer, stop bath and fixer and bleach solution. The above several prescriptions are required to use distilled water, but the experiment proved successful with pure water preparation. The flushing process in the darkroom, the drug solution should never see the light and kept at room temperature about 20 ℃ rinse the preparation time drug solution custody properly, can be use in a month or so.


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