Hologram Basic

The hologram is based upon Nobel Prize winner Dennis Gabor's theory concerning interference patterns. Gabor theorized in 1947 that each crest of the wave pattern contains the whole information of its original source, and that this information could be stored on film and reproduced. This is why it is called a hologram.

Holography is the only visual recording and playback process that can record our three-dimensional world on a two-dimensional recording medium and playback the original object or scene, to the unaided eyes, as a three dimensional image. The image demonstrates complete parallax and depth-of-field. The image floats in space either behind, in front of, or straddling the recording medium.



Brief Steps To Product Holographic Sticker.

Step#1. Master origination shooting machine to record hologram image onto photoresist by laser. Coating silver onto photoresist master to get glass hologram origination.

holographic master shooting system including 2D/3D and Dot-matrix system. 2D/3D hologram system records different color hologram image/text and layers on anti-vibration optical table through optis by He_Cd laser. Dot-matrix system records millions of small holgoram grating dots by laser beam and combines a full holgoram image which is designed on computer.

2D/3D Master Shooting System

2D/3D master shoooting lab includes Microprocessor-Controlled Automatic Positioning Platform and controller, Optical Table, He-Cd Laser, whole set Optics, Silver Coatings and other technology transfer.

Dot-matrix Master Shoooting System

Whole set of dot-matrix holographic master shooting machines includes high precision dot-matrix platform, 3 color separation optic head, platform controller, PC and software, Silvering, He-Cd Laser.

Step#2. Recombiantion machine to press small pcs hologram nickel onto plastic film to get big size plastic holographic master.. Usually, we will recombine dot-matrix hologram and 2D/3D hologram into 6"*6" hologram area master. 2D/3D master system also can work without recombination. After recombination, we have to coating silver onto plastic holographic master again and do step#2 job to get a big size holographic master origination.

holographic master Recombination Machine

To recombine small master into big master.

Small recombiner can recombine upto size 250mm*250mm.

Big recombiner can recombine upto size 1500mm*650mm.

Step#3. Silver coating on photoresisit or recombined hologram plastic film.

Hologram photoresist silver coating

Step#4. Electronic forming soft tank to duplicate hologram shim from silver coating hologram photoresist. This electronic forming process wil copy holographic master origination shim from photoresist or recombined hologram plastic film.

Electronic Forming Machine with soft tank
Electronic forming machine duplicates hologram mother shim from photoresist or recombined plastic hologram film.

Step#5. Put holographic master origination into hard electronic forming tank to duplicate operation hologram nickel shim for hard embo5sing. The hard hologram shim duplicated is strong enough for hard embossing.

Electronic Forming Machine with hard tank
Electronic forming machine duplicates nickel operation shim from hologram mother shim for next process hologram embossing.

Step#6. To fix hologram operation shim onto hard hologram embosser's cylinder to print hologram image onto PET/OPP film which has metalizing layer or coating layer.

Narrow Hard Web Embosser
Narrow web hard embosser is the machine to emboss hologram image onto base material such as aluminum metallized PET film, transparent PET film, aluminum foil,etc. It's very simple manufacturing process with very low cost. Hologram image is compressed by three cylinder with air pressure without ink.

Step#7. Lamination machine or Coating machine to coat adhensive onto hologram embossed hologram metallized film. The hologram sticker foil will be lamiated together with silicon releasing liner paper.

Hologram Lamination
To laminate silicon paper(liner) and hologram film together by adhesive. Adehensive (usually, solvent based) is same adhesive for normal self-sticker.

Hot Melt Adhensive Coating and Lamination Machine
To coat hot melt adhesive on hot stamping foil as well as hologram sticker lamination with liner.

Step#8. Die-cutting machine to cut hologram stickers automaticly and sheeting/slitting.

Hologram Sticker Automatic Die-cutting Machine

This machine die-cut hologram sticker precisely, in roll format by slitter and panels format by sheeting equipment.

Step#9. To do serial numbers, etched logo, barcode by numbering machine and laser engraving machine.


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