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The hologram security is the application of laser hologram technology developed a new type of anti-counterfeiting technology, also known as laser holographic security. Laser holographic technology is rapidly developed a three-dimensional photographic technology, following the introduction of the laser in the 1960s. Any time the progress of the other anti-counterfeiting technology, hologram security has also been a new development and application.



Hologram technology wasinvented by Dr. Dennis Gabor, Imperial College, London. And thus he won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1971. In Initially, Gabor Dr. just wish to enhance the resolution of the scanning electron microscope. The early 1960s, a University of Michigan researcher Leith and Upatnieks of making the world's first set of three-dimensional holographic image. During this time, the former Soviet Union's Yuri Dennisyuk also began to try the hologram can be produced using ordinary white light viewing. Now, the continued development of the hologram technology provides us a the increasingly precise three-dimensional image.

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Why hologram has security features

First, it beacuse that hologram Inimitable own structure . Now most of the molded anti-counterfeit label, hologram hot stamping or holographic printing records one or more two-dimensional plane rainbow hologram pattern . Using hologram reproducing the characteristics of the three - dimensional stereoscopic images. It can be two or more) planar pattern coding along vertical stratification recorded on the hologram that re-emerged at different depths, each other plane image of the occlusion .

Since the rainbow hologram has a variable nature of the color of the reproduced image , false color coding techniques can be used , so that different patterns or different portions in the same pattern reproduced in different holographic colors . Hologram itself is a high - density complex grating, so even if the same person in different places with the same pattern and no legal system a grating identical two hologram , different people harder to copy . This difference is most obvious manifestation for reproducing image layered depth and distribution of the different colors , of course , also includes the different indicators of the diffraction efficiency , the viewing angle , and SNR . So even with a full set of equipment and technology , generic the embossed hologram anti-counterfeit labels other home , is not an easy thing . That's why hologram itself is difficult for copying.



Moreover, hologram itself is a high-tech, it requires not only high-quality equipment shockproof station, lasers and various optical components and specialized chemicals, but more important is the need to operate technologically and experienced professionals to produce qualified hologram master. The hologram grating density is typically 1000 lines / mm, undulation height of only a few tenths of microns and therefore requested to pay attention to the electroforming process and high-precision, high-quality molded copy device and holographic images copy mechanical. Performance of ordinary printing technology compared with conventional equipment alone manual also can produce the products, the production of holographic trademark, technology, personnel, technology, equipment investment shows, making difficult is not easy to cop. We also supply full set hologram production line equipmemt. To buy these equipment, please contact us and see more information on link:

Affordable Hologram Machinery

Third, encrypted information in hologram sticker also make hologram is difficult to copy.

Too see samples, please visit Laser hidden text and Morie hidden text in hologram

The use of special optical coding technique can be encrypted in the hologram label, hologram hot stamping. These holograms or may be the reproduced size of the object with the human eyes to the change in distance between the hologram changes, or stored in the hologram of a point addition information, or the hologram itself is generated by a computer dot-matrix system. With a special three-dimensional object model as the target of the hologram, the reproduction is a perspective view identical to the original. Because of the higher technological content, therefore more difficult to be copied.


Hologram Shooting

Shooting requirements in order to shoot a satisfactory hologram photo shoot system must meet the following requirements:
The light source must be coherent light source

Holography is based on the principle of interference of light, so they requested that the light source must have good coherence know by the previous analysis. Holographic technology. The emergence of the laser light for the hologram of an ideal light source. This is good because the laser coherence, He-Ne laser used in the experiment, with its shooting small diffuse object, get a good spatial coherence and time of the hologram.

Holographic system stability

Since the hologram recorded on the interference fringe, and is a thin, dense, interference fringes, minimal interference will cause the blurring of interference fringes in the photographic process, and even the interference fringes can not be recorded. Example, shooting film displacement of a micron, the stripes on a confusion, the hologram experiment station is shockproof. Table hologram optics magnetic firmly sucked on countertops steel. Further, the airflow through the optical path, the acoustic interference, and temperature changes will cause changes in the density of the surrounding air. Therefore, the exposure should prohibit loud noises, can not move around freely, the entire lab absolute quiet. Our experience is that each group tuned optical path, the students left the bench stable after a minute, and then came to light at the same time, to get a better effect.

Object light and reference light should meet. Object light and reference light, an optical path difference should be as small as possible, preferably equal to the optical path of the two beams of light, up to not more than 2cm, adjusting the optical path with twine amount; the angle between the two-speed light at 30 ° ~ 60 °, preferably at about 45 °, because the angle is small, interference fringes on the thin, so that the lower the resolution requirements of the system stability and the photosensitive material; two light beams of the light intensity ratio should be appropriate, generally requires can be between 1:1 to 1:10, the light intensity ratio measured with a silicon photovoltaic cell out.

Using high-resolution hologram

Because recorded on the hologram backsheet is a thin, dense interference fringes, so the photosensitive material requires high-resolution. Ordinary photographic uses photosensitive film due to coarse particles of silver compounds can only record 50 to 100 per millimeter of stripes, the photosensitive film Tianjin plant the production of I-type hologram dry plate, with a resolution of up to 3000 per mm, can meet hologram photographic requirements.

Holographic photo of flushing process
The washing process is also critical. We follow the recipe requires dispensing with the developer, stop bath and fixer and bleach solution. The above several prescriptions are required to use distilled water, but the experiment proved successful with pure water preparation. The flushing process in the darkroom, the drug solution should never see the light and kept at room temperature about 20 ℃ rinse the preparation time drug solution custody properly, can be use in a month or so.


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