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Hologram, laser as the light source, the subject with the panoramic camera records constitute a high-resolution holographic film in Fig. In order to interfere with the form of streaks exist. Two-dimensional images appear with the same kind of laser irradiation, before and after the film before the original scene of the actual situation, different perspectives, seen in the images is also different. The hologram is a three-dimensional image, there is a big difference with traditional photo. Traditional photo rendered actual physical image, while the hologram contains the information of the object size, shape, brightness and contrast, etc. is recorded. These information is stored in a very small but very complex interference patterns. This interference pattern is generated by a laser.

Brief introduction

The light reflected from the three-dimensional objects on a very complex three-dimensional interference pattern is formed. To record the entire pattern, the light used must be strictly oriented, but belong to the same color. This light is called coherent light. As generated by the laser light having a single color, and all the light waves are synchronous coordination laser is ideal light source to produce the hologram.

When irradiating the hologram, and the information stored in the interference pattern will reproduce the original reflected by the object by means of incident light wavefront. Your eyes and brain will think that the original object seemed to appear in front of you.

Hologram of the present invention

Hologram is a true three-dimensional image of the recording and reproducing technology. The image is referred to as a hologram. And other three-dimensional "image" is not the same hologram "parallax". The presence of parallax allows the viewer through the front and rear, left and right and move up and down to observe a different image of the image - as if the real objects in there.

Holographic technology invented by Dr. Dennis Gabor, Imperial College, London. And thus he won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1971. In Initially, Gabor Dr. just wish to enhance the resolution of the scanning electron microscope. The early 1960s, a University of Michigan researcher Leith and Upatnieks of making the world's first set of three-dimensional holographic image. During this time, the former Soviet Union's Yuri Dennisyuk also began to try the hologram can be produced using ordinary white light viewing.

Now, the continued development of the holographic technology provides us a the increasingly precise three-dimensional image.
Invisible hologram

Hologram laser manufacturing 3D images (such as a 3D image of Princess Leia in the "Star Wars"). If the surrounding scenery is a special holographic camera filmed, the subsequent holographic image is projected onto a the whole slice holographic screen in person before, then this person has deactivated. Standing holographic screen, with background scenery 3D image of the man in front of the viewer will see the man himself default. Even moving the line of sight, you can not see is illusion.


Producing a hologram

You see a lot of shops, art centers and other places holograms are produced in specialized laboratories. The typical production hologram Laboratory including a laser, a shock optical bench, prisms, mirrors, optical support frame, and a variety of other equipment. Making holograms also requires a darkroom environment.

As long as the equipment and a suitable laboratory environment, an amateur can make holograms. Manufacturing price is very low but the performance is not inferior to professional equipment holographic device is possible. With the advent of cheap laser diodes, more and more people have the ability to produce the hologram.


Hologram uses

There are many uses of holograms in art, science and technology. It can be used on the packaging of some products, you can paste on the cover of the publication, can also be used for credit cards, driver's license, and even clothes to prevent counterfeiting. A one-sided medical images (such as a CAT scanning surface image) can eventually be made into a three-dimensional hologram. Computer-generated hologram design drawings of engineers and designers unprecedented visual effects.

The engineer can cracks may appear on the hologram check product in the production process and quality control. This technique is called holographic nondestructive testing. The hologram is also used in many civil and military aircraft. Pilots look to the cockpit window, the holographic the Pictured They provide a lot of important information. This is called the Smart Display. Now, the smart display can also be seen in some cars.

Artists can take advantage of the hologram creation. Many artists feel, holographic the Pictured They provide a three-dimensional space and pure optical, so that they can express some images and information that can not be expressed in the "traditional" media.

Perhaps one day, the photon will like today's electronic access to your computer network. When that day comes, the hologram will be used to store information. This is called a holographic digital storage (HDS). With HDS, you can be the size of a sugar cube-sized to store the entire Library of Congress.

Interpretation of the hologram

Most commercial hologram is a "white light reflection hologram. The reflection hologram popular, because you can give it framed and hung on the wall. To view a reflection hologram, you need a light source to illuminate it. The light source is generally on the ceiling lamp or table lamp with clip.

The hologram is linked to a suitable height on the wall, so that a light irradiated from an angle of about 45 degrees with it. Viewing the image in the left image distance of about 6 feet. Height, angle and distance can be adjusted so that the observed effect.

The lights are observed hologram ideal clean halogen lamp clean incandescent bulbs can also. The bulb must be clean, no fogging. A the fogging light source produces a fuzzy image of the holographic, such as fluorescent lamps.




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