Silver halide hologram photochemical processes

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Silver halide hologram photochemical processes

Latent image formation. The main component of the silver halide to light decomposition of AgBr Ag +, Br-, provided the incident wave frequency limit of P is greater than the red. Metallic silver is reduced, so that precipitation of silver in the form of particles dispersed in the emulsion, and the silver particles with the number of the exposure amount increase, in fact, such precipitated silver particles density is very small, only the formation of a latent image.

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Development process by developing a place that became the precipitated silver Restore Center, a large square silver bromide reduction to metallic silver.

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Fixing process, the fixing stop bath before stopping was used to neutralize the alkaline developer to prevent further development. Stop the process can significantly extend the useful life of the fixing solution is a fixing process is actually an unexposed portion of the latex and the exposure part of the residual silver halide silver halide removed.

Hologram Sticker, Security tamper proof holographic label.

Bleached silver halide emulsion

    A silver halide emulsion made of amplitude-type hologram can be converted by bleaching phase hologram in order to improve the diffraction efficiency. Two bleaching process can be obtained respectively the relief type and index type phase hologram.

halide hologram Hologram Plate.

    Relief type phase hologram bleaching process. Bleaching process is to remove the exposed portion of the silver particles, the silver grains around the gelatin is tanning, tanning degree proportional to the deposition of silver. In the unexposed portion when wet gelatin absorbed more water, which is thicker than the portion of tanning; while in the dry part of the tanning process done quickly, the unexposed portion will absorb the moisture in gelatin. Until all After drying over part of the tanning hardened gelatin thin unexposed portion, thus forming a hologram relief

3D halide holographic Plate.

    Index type phase hologram bleaching process is oxidized with an oxidizing agent to silver silver is transparent, so that the exposed portion of the refractive index different from gelatin.

Halide Hologram Plate.

Dichromate gelatin

    Dichromate gelatin referred DCG, is a good phase-type recording medium, can produce embossed hologram-type hologram refractive index can be produced, and can get higher diffraction efficiency, DCC largest volume holographic diffraction efficiency up to 90%.

3D Halide Holographic Plate.


Dichromate gelatin photochemical processes

Preparation of dichromated gelatin is very simple to adjust a certain ratio of gelatin solution was added to a small amount of dichromate photosensitive DCC. With warm water as a developer, the exposed portion hard, insoluble in water, while the unexposed portion were removed, washed with water, they form a relief type hologram.

3D Halide Holographic Plate.


An index type dichromated gelatin hologram. In DCG add the appropriate hardener, hard gelatin insoluble in water. Dissolved in gelatin dichromate is a photosensitive agent, the reaction occurs within the gelatin. In the water development process, unexposed portions of the gelatin is insoluble in water, but the remaining unexposed dichromate is washed out of the gelatin due to absorption of moisture expansion, and moisture absorption is inversely proportional to the number and exposure: Exposure absorb moisture more little place, the refractive index decreased; contrary, the refractive index increases, but this time the gelatin is insoluble in water, the refractive index change is not large. After dehydration, the diffraction efficiency of the hologram will be further improved.

3D Halide Holographic Plate.

Must be good coherence gentle source, resembling a laser. It's essential to use a excessive-decision hologram dry plate; Holographic there are nonetheless some shortcomings.

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