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HOLOGRAM SEAL with laser etching logo,word,image,number on stock design hologram.

We can make stock hologram seal from our more than two hundred general design holographic master originations. Customized designs hologram seal alsois available with different holograms effect. There're are more than 200 stock hologram designs can be made instantly with your urgent requirement. Generic hologram label.

We supply Hologram seal with whatever die-cutting shape, security slits. These kind of security seal can have normal tamper evident, VOID tamper evident, Honeycomb tamper evident and your customized design tamper proof features.

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security hologram seal

Dog bone shape hologram is most widely used. This hologram is our generic design hologram.


security hologram seal

Dog bone shape hologram is most popular. This wall paper design hologram can be cutted into
into any size which is smaller than 150mm*160mm. Hologram shape can be your customized shape.


security hologram seal

Dog bone shape hologram seal. Tamper evident/tamper proof


security hologram seal

Dog bone shape hologram seal. Tamper evident/tamper proof


security hologram seal

Dog bone shape hologram seal. Tamper evident/tamper proof


security hologram seal

Dog bone shape hologram seal. Tamper evident/tamper proof


security hologram seal

Hologram seal. Tamper evident/tamper proof. Link of generic hologram seal


 Hologram with Laser Etching Sample Page 1   2    3    4

Products Range:
- 2D/3D Hologram Sticker.
- Dot-matrix Hologram Sticker.
- Deep 3D Hologram Sticker.
- E-beam Hologram Sticker.
- Scratch-off Hologram Sticker.
- Common Type Pattern Release Hologram Sticker.
(For eg. Honey-comb Pattern, VOID, ORIGINAL, SECURITY, CONTROL and etc.)
- Customized Pattern Release Hologram Sticker.
- Multi-Channel [Flip-Flop] Hologram Sticker.
- OCRE Hologram Sticker.
- Laser Covert Image Hologram Sticker.
- Reflective Hologram Sticker.
- Tamper Evident Hologram Sticker.
- Decoder Image Hologram Sticker.
- Demetallized Hologram Sticker.
- Serial Number Hologram Sticker (Black or Transparent Laser Numbering).
- Micro-Text Embedded Hologram Sticker.
- Nano-Text Embedded Hologram Sticker.
- Fragile Hologram Sticker.
- General Pattern Hologram Sticker.
- UV Protected (Invisible Ink) Hologram Sticker.
- Temperature sensitive Sticker.
- Etc.


- 2D/3D, Dot-matrix, Deep 3D and E-beam technology.
- Holographic effect with security and anti-counterfeiting characteristic.
- Self-adhesive.
- Good vivid and sparkling visual, easy to captivate consumer eyeball and increase market share.
- Distinguish and protect your brand.
- Upgrade your package, make your products high class.
- Additional security function on the hologram sticker will shut the door upon counterfeiter.
(For example invisible ink, hidden image/text, laser numbering and etc.)
- Customization according to customers need.


- Available in sheet or roll form.
- Color: Gold, silver, red, green, blue, transparent and etc.
- Base film: PET, 30 micron thickness.
- Shape: Round, Rectangle, Square, Triangle and etc.
- Sticker Size: According to customer needs.


- Tobacco.
- Electronic.
- Liquor.
- Cosmetic.
- Pharmaceutical.
- Government.
- Education.
- Textile / Fabric.
- Printing and Packaging.
- Cash Voucher / Coupon Protection.
- Document Protection.
- Signature Protection.
- Certificate Protection.
- Etc.


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