Types of sensitive anti-counterfeiting labels

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Types of sensitive anti-counterfeiting labels and security hologram label.

Counterfeiters in the past 10 years, the increasing level of technology in the hands of more and more resources, which means all manufacturing, trading, import or sale of products are likely to become the target of counterfeitersespecially the high-value-added products. At the same time, the relationship to the national economy and the people's livelihood and human health, such as drugs, alcohol and tobacco products will bear the brunt. How to more effectively protect their brand reputation and the interests of the common pursuit of brand manufacturers at home and abroad, and anti-counterfeiting practitioners. This article will discuss in anti-counterfeiting application form and the main features of tobacco, alcohol, drugs abroad to make a brief introduction, I would like to reference.

Secure Hologram Label. Destructive, Tamper Proof. Hexagonal shape residue tamper evident.

As we all know , the counterfeit hazards can not be simply measured by money . Because , not only lost profits and sales by brand owners , but also the loss of brand credibility . The existence of fake consumers ultimately away from your brand and products , because they can not judge the true or false , and saw no other choice . How to avoid this terrible scene in your products , choose anti-counterfeiting technology to prevent the inevitable and the only option . Implement to market , it becomes , " Who will tell me, you are the real thing ? " , And the "who " and should be unable or difficult to be forged , we all believe that "who " . This is the basic principle of anti-counterfeiting protection , at home and abroad based on this reason the development of a large number of the practical application of technology and products


Secure Hologram Label. Destructive, Tamper Proof

Anti-counterfeiting technology used by the company for goods or products collectively referred to as the "brand protection" (Brand Protection). Performance of security products, generally into two categories: security label (security label) and tamper Seals (security seal). As a commercial anti-counterfeiting technology derived from the banknote high security in the security printing technology, the foreign used in anti-counterfeiting technology more relying on the security printing technology, and integrated anti-counterfeiting technology, both at the same time pay attention to anti-counterfeiting efforts, the development of the times, have higher relevance of the different means of forgery and use of the product packaging features. This point, almost domestic, any security final total to be implemented on paper products or plastic products to achieve different products in different areas of brand protection.

Secure Hologram Label. Honey comb destructive, Tamper Proof. It leave hexagonal Shape residue when peeled off.

Company's " brand protection " ( Brand Protection) refers not only to the anti-counterfeit (anti-counterfeiting), copy protection ( anti - clone) , anti- fake (authentication), anti-FALSIFYING (anti bugsell bug ,tracing and tracking) ; include tamper change (tamper evident), take the burglar (anti-theft), anti - the FALSIFYING ( traceability ) , anti- replacement (anti-forgery) . At present , the international anti-counterfeiting protection on tobacco and alcohol , medicine is mainly reflected in the following several labels and technically :


VOID Destructive Tamper Evident Secure Hologram Label.


Anti-counterfeiting labels types  

1. Composited Security design and comprehensive anti-counterfeiting label. How to make design for security hologram. How to combine security features on hologram label.

2. DNA-based anti-counterfeiting labels

3. Hologram seccuerity anti-counterfeit labels and OVD

4. Anti-counterfeiting tamper technology for packaging sealing and anti-counterfeit labels. Too see samples, please visit

VOID Destructive, Honeycomb Destructive, ORIGINAL Destructive, and normal Pressure Destructive Tamper Evident Hologram Sticker

5. The anti bugsell bug solutions and RFID tag

VOID Destructive Tamper Evident Securiry Holographic Label. Hologram Security Seal for docuemnts and packaging.


Hologram classifications

There are three important properties of a hologram which are defined in this section. A given hologram will have one or other of each of these three properties, e.g. we can have an amplitude modulated thin transmission hologram, or a phase modulated, volume reflection hologram. it is made up of virtual systems.

Rainbow holograms

Rainbow hologram showing the change in colour in the vertical direction
In this method, parallax in the vertical plane is sacrificed to allow a bright well-defined single colour re-constructed image to be obtained using white light. The rainbow holography recording process uses a horizontal slit to eliminate vertical parallax in the output image. The viewer is then effectively viewing the holographic image through a narrow horizontal slit. Horizontal parallax information is preserved but movement in the vertical direction produces colour rather than different vertical perspectives.[40] Stereopsis and horizontal motion parallax, two relatively powerful cues to depth, are preserved.

The holograms found on credit cards are examples of rainbow holograms. These are technically transmission holograms mounted onto a reflective surface like a metalized polyethylene terephthalate substrate commonly known as PET.

How hologram color been made?

Holograms are shooted by laser beam in different angles which figure out different colors - red, green, blue, yellow, etc, in difference viewing angles. C olors of the hologram will change, because when rainbow hologram is turned back and forth depending on the light source and viewing angle, the colors will run through the spectrum - the colors of the rainbow.

Different viewing depth of hologram comes from different position of the artwork film we locate when shooting master. Dot-matrix movement efffect comes from countinous hologram dots.

How does design show hologram color?

Holograms artwork design are basically an illusion; they are reflections of light that fool the eye into seeing a three-dimensional image. Therefore, it is impossible to give an accurate representation of a holographic image on a computer screen or paper printout. What you will receive via email or hardcopy is an artwork proof to look over to be sure that the graphics and layout are to your liking, free of typos, etc. The holographic master shooting process involves many detailed steps, so it is very important that all hologram artwork is approved before the project moves into the laser lab for holographic mastering.

How to make artwork for holographic sticker?

Holograms can be made from photos, flat art which is designed by Corel Draw, Illustrator, Photoshop or other software.Artwork file in  Corel Draw or Illustrator format is best file for us to seperate overlay design into layers and colors.   Adobe Photoshop file, JPG, GIF, is ok, if you cannot design by Corel Draw or Illustrator. The text in artwork file should be converted into curves, so we can open it without change font in it. Click to see How to make design for security hologram

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