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The hologram consists of a combination of the Greek word words. "Holos" (Full Video) and "gram" (written) means. Holographic three-dimensional record of a laser beam with a mixture of positive waves. Holography technical term "Wave Border Restructuring" is. Hologram Sticker Lyrics

The hologram of the original object, the actual recording of the three-dimensional, three-dimensional laser photograph shortly. In other words, laser technology, three-dimensional visual information recording, storage, and transfer of motion effect is obtained by giving them a multi-dimensional environment.

Compatible laser beam holographic recording is done by matching the boundaries of the positive wave with the theme. This three-dimensional pattern in the form of a broken fan consists of a series of the form of fine lines, or concentric circles. This refraction, the light by tilting the laser light wavelength limit sends it back to the original record. Holographic three-dimensional image of an object as a structured light. Holograms, physics, chemistry, printing, engineering, and many other concepts contained in them all at once sophisticated and complex product. Your eyes can see, everything can be revived:

For example, size, text and so on. Often, holographic media are the most common label. Polyester film is produced, self-adhesive özelliktedir.Görüntü be applied to many surfaces, depth of field refers to the whole action and changes. Image of the media mounted on the back or front of the float, or the recording media, gives the impression of a nested.

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Holograms contain the depth and paraleks, on the back of the subject's surroundings and provides visibility of objects in more depth. Just like in real life, we see many angles as possible, and depth appear.

Holograms scan, copy, reproduce or replicate through the printing is not possible. Holograms are also applied
they leave the surface will be damaged, and this will prevent improper use of holograms. Holograms, is exceedingly interesting and appealing to the eye. Holography is a three-dimensional environment on our planet by saving the two-dimensional to the naked eye without the need to use any utility vehicle on a two-dimensional environment that allows all three dimensions to notice that the only record and display technology.

As a matter of example, a better understanding of the concept of the hologram on behalf of: rose on a holographic image is illuminated with laser and then cut into two parts, each half-rose is contained in the whole image. In fact, this half-tracks are divided again, each snippet of a movie, but smaller than the original pattern is contained in the complete picture. Unlike other photographs, every part of the hologram, the whole contains all of the information.

Hologram "Every piece integrity" nature, makes us understand a new way of understanding organization and editing.


Other Type H ologram

2D: Several pictures are parts of the color change , but there is no depth . In particular sceneries , articles and simple graphics, a type of hologram is used .

Scattering Network ( Diffraction Grafings ) Holograms : This type holograms, do not give the real picture . However , creating a very interesting prismatic shapes . Create rainbow effects from different angles .

Stereograms ( Multiplex ): Multi -dimensional effect is applied to create the holographic process , that involves moving holograms. Moving objects , special effects and computer graphics used to create stereograms .

Interactive Hologram : Double exposure holograms produced by the horizontal change in perspective when your differences occur. At the same objects in different (inside / outside , open / closed ) movements observed.

Integral Hologram: Motifs are taken with a film camera , and in sections of the normal lighting of hundreds of individual pieces of laser technique, a master hologram image is created.

Pulse Holograms : Moving objects or living things , however, solid rubin laser can be shot . However, because these lasers flash time 1/ 1000000 seconds ( even 1/ 1000000000 seconds) is . Holograms , but this type of specialized labs gerçeklestirilebir special .

Kinegram : Only used in the fields of security hologram is a special type of mikrostrüktürlü .

Generally, visual and security are custom designed for each company . Dithering is very difficult. 3 or more layers of an image , and appears behind the other . Creates a sense of depth to a nice , attractive, and has color images .

This type holograms, a strong aesthetic effect is blinking . 3D is used to increase the depth . There is a very good visual acuity of the layers and the top layer is overexposed.

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