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Developed in the information era, the security of goods seem more important. The stickers the field of anti-counterfeiting label also increasingly

Fast, today's anti-counterfeiting labels how much?

Currently, packaging commonly used in anti-counterfeiting labels dozen types:

1. Tamper-evident seal

A substrate to expose the type of plastic film, self-adhesive anti-counterfeit seals, lift colored word self-adhesive plastic strip; mortgage. See the colored writing on paper after starting to see the a colorless handwriting, plastic strip with a mortgage that loss, a loss that is now special Point, used for anti-counterfeiting the envelopes, appliances warranty labels.

2. Easy shredding tab

Easy shredding or fragile self-adhesive materials, using special above Printing trademarks, text and bar code, and paste it in the packaging Not getting back to full lift, once lifted, the paper is fragmentation. 3. Are comprehensive security tamper indentation paper label The integration of a variety of anti-counterfeiting technology production of self-adhesive paper Label, to enhance the security features. To prevent the label is lifted, shifted Change and repeated use, you can use a die cutting indentation technique, labeling Bureau Ministry tamper, lift can not be undone.

4. Barcode technology tag

More use of bar code types, the bar code on the main There are one-dimensional bar code, two-dimensional bar code two. Barcode technology can not only promote So to promote the use of better and faster, and can achieve Branded Products Counterfeiting, the purpose of protecting the interests of consumers. 5. Laser hologram labels
The main application of laser holographic image in the anti-counterfeiting packaging Printed security labels and trademarks. Impact of laser holographic labels security The energy factors are the types of labels, and the position of use, laser hologram The following types of security labels.

? self-adhesive type

Holographic anti-counterfeiting graphic production of self-adhesive materials, the use of Without any binder brushing, good mechanical adaptability. Biggest missing Points can be used repeatedly, the criminals can take advantage of the old packaging and labeling system False.

(2) tamper type

To make up for the shortcomings of the ordinary sticker holographic image beyond recognition when the label is peeled off from the packaging, label, and not Used again, to curb the use of the old label counterfeiting behavior.

? Hot Stamping

A can not be peeled off the holographic security labels, holographic security labels bronzing machine stamping packaging materials, with which Blend.

6. The glyphs security polyester film label

Aluminum foil before lift word self-adhesive strips, lift the label paper and packaging material The material on colored writing.

7. The transparent PVC matrix tamper generic label Pressure sensitive film label white wordless lift, lift the label and package Obviously colored writing on the packing material.

8. A transparent PVC anti-counterfeiting label

Transparent holographic film adhesive labels or other documents, affix the personalized information is neither affect the overall design and Original effect, added security features, the label has a personalized.

9. Foam film label

Is a unique semi-gloss white film. The two layers of polystyrene film composite. Surface layer is transparent
Ming film, suitable for printing; lower processing by the swelling White foam film. Permanent acrylic adhesive
Agent. Good safety effect of security, when the label is sticky Affixed to the substrate and then lift the two film points
Remnants are left from the label is torn, and the foam layer On the packaging, it is difficult to be clear. Good in wet environments Use, especially in beverages, dairy products such as raw Production and packaging process, the extraordinary practical value. Suitable Glass, PVC, polystyrene bottles and glazing tray with Safety class label.

10. The paper-based partially opened-type labels

The label substrate is coated paper (special paper may be used) with a gravure, Letterpress and offset printing. Just kick the upper part of the bottom would have a data for consumers Enter the query. The label can not be reused, as the seals, paste prison Solid, not falling.

11. The rules reveal complex anti-counterfeiting labels

The case of the self-adhesive anti-counterfeit labels. When used, the label affixed to the goods directly On; recognition opened the label on the packaging would have a pre-designed hidden Shaped graphic Positive; invisible graphic labels peeled off negative. You can use the whole Interest film, coated paper and plastic film material as the surface material.


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