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Volume Hologram

The thickness of the holographic recording medium in accordance with classification of the hologram may be divided into volume holograms and plane holograms. Traits and volume hologram airplane holograms are very totally different, solution quantity hologram diffraction idea additionally different airplane hologram diffraction theory.

The quantity hologram diffraction effectivity is high, the wavelength and angle Bragg impact, and may be white replica and different traits being widely utilized in all elements of holographic display. This chapter describes the geometry of the amount hologram, the diffraction effectivity of a volume hologram recording, and the amount hologram and the picture quality of the optical path.

Geometry of the volume hologram

Volume holograms and aircraft holograms distinction

Hologram Sticker, Security tamper proof holographic label.

Usually, the thickness of the recording medium is smaller than the latex a hologram interference fringe spacing known as the hologram airplane, and a thickness larger than the recording medium recording a hologram fringe spacing is called volume hologram.

Quantity hologram can be divided into transmissive, reflective, phase sort, by amplitude holograms. Usually, when the recorded angle of lower than two beams. That the object beam and the reference mild incident on the same side of the recording medium, the recorded volume hologram determine transmissive hologram; if the recording angle of greater than two beams 90.

The item beam and the reference gentle from the recording medium is incident in the wrong way, the outcomes discovered that utilizing holograms recorded on this means cannot solely reproduce the colour image will be observed underneath the white gentle to the colour image, and this shade picture solely in a small angular range or wavelength vary to be observed.

Transmission volume hologram

Document fringe spacing

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After entering the angle of refraction for the medium. Linear recording circumstances, dry plate with a silver recorded density of silver particles within the emulsion or its absorption coefficient is changed based on the cosine regulation, to type a layered structure stripe surface.

The overlay after hologram interference light depth distribution characteristics in a uniform gentle plus one on the strengths cosine modulation term modifications within the legislation, and the amplitude-type hologram and a light absorption coefficient, a linear relationship.

The diffraction effectivity of a volume hologram

About the quantity hologram diffraction concept, the current theory is extra complete from the Maxwell equations and, relying on the recording medium in the case of a modulated electrical or optical parametric direct answer of equations is obtained in all instances the diffraction effectivity formula, which is coupled wave theory.

Hologram Sticker, Security tamper proof holographic label.

An order coupled wave concept is approximate, second-order theory is rigorous coupled-wave diffraction theory. Go right here to avoid the cumbersome method derivation, from the physical concept launched two symmetrical recording holographic grating diffraction efficiency formula.

Lighting reproduction. In contrast with transmission holograms, seen reflection hologram is more sensitive to the wavelength deviation, the transmission hologram is more sensitive to the angle of deviation.

Amplitude-kind reflection hologram is the pure absorption-type hologram, a reflection hologram recorded by amplitude hologram common optical density with the intention to receive a high diffraction effectivity, that is throughout the linear region exposed barely improve the number of publicity .

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