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The Classification of Holoram

The item position and the connection between the recording medium classification holoram

The reference beam is a spherical wave.A report can be as complex objects composed of many components of object points, every object level when recording unit is a spherical wave emitted reference mild intrude with the spherical form of the hologram ingredient of object points. All object level unit superimposed holograms, constitute complex objects to be recorded hologram. Due to this fact, understanding the bodily level unit recording and reproducing

Course of, recording and reproducing complex objects traits of the method will probably be clear.

Fresnel hologram

Fresnel hologram recording medium is positioned in a limited distance from the article, mirrored from an object (or transmitted) optical recording medium on the unfold of the reference mild interfere with the formation of a hologram. A lot of the actual use of this class, which is used to satisfy the circumstances of Fresnel diffraction mild produced hologram replica when handled by Fresnel diffraction, interference fringes of its characteristics is generally round shape.

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Fresnel len effect hologram film for packaging. Fresnel Lens Holographic Film

Fresnel len effect holographic film. Fresnel Lens Hologram Film


Fraunhofer hologram

Fraunhofer hologram of an object and the gap between the dry plate will be considered as infinity. If utilizing a lens placed between the article and the dry plate, objects near the focal aircraft of the lens, so that it's equal to an object placed at infinity, the item reflected (or transmitted) optical recording medium on the unfold and the reference gentle intervene , characterised by the interference fringes relatively flat stripes.


Fourier transform hologram

Fourier remodel hologram recording using Fourier imaging lens. The hologram recording density, can be utilized for optical data storage. Fourier remodel hologram lens with out the item light and the reference gentle from the recording medium is much smaller than the space between them.


Image plane hologram

Image airplane hologram is the use of a lens in order that an actual picture of the illuminated object imaged in the dry board and record the hologram. It can be white copy of rainbow hologram is responsible on this category.

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Categorized in accordance with the recording medium holoram


Two-dimensional hologram

Two-dimensional hologram is a hologram plane, is to disregard the emulsion thickness of the recording medium, the interference fringes recorded in planar form, made of latex thickness smaller than the hologram pitch of the interference fringes.

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3D Hologram

3D Hologram additionally known as quantity hologram, the thickness of the recording medium latex interference fringes recorded pitch of the same order of magnitude or greater. The hologram on the angle and wavelength may be very sensitive, and solely attempt to reproduce the light and the reference light to kind reproduce the same image, or right now the maximum diffraction efficiency of the reconstructed image. It can be applied in white light holography reproduction, and in a hologram dry plate to report the number of totally different holograms.

3D Hologram Sticker, Security 3D Hologram


3D holographic label. 3D Photopolymer.


Reflection holograms

Reflection kind hologram, when the reference light and the article mild incident on the hologram dry plate shaped on both sides of the volume hologram, the item beam and the reference gentle angle of more than 90. . When the object beam and the reference beam angle close to 180. Time. Interference fringes thus obtained latex nearly parallel plane, which is an important characteristic holograms can be used white reproduction.

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Transmissive hologram

Transmission kind hologram and the reflection hologram is the distinction between the reference gentle and the object mild is made incident on the same facet of the hologram dry plate, the reference gentle and the thing mild angle of typically less than 90.


Part type hologram

It only modifications the phase of sunshine without changing its amplitude, ie the interference fringes are usually not recorded in black and white, but within the refractive index (or emulsion thickness) is changed in order that the sunshine generated in the form of phase distinction recorded. It will get more obvious because the reproduction, excessive diffraction efficiency, the hologram dry plate after more transparent.

Transparent hologram ID overlay. Holographic Overlay

Diffuse reflection-sort hologram

For most non-clear three-dimensional object, the item generated by the diffuse reflection of light waves to intervene with the reference and made a hologram, referred to as diffuse reflection-sort hologram.

Non-Diffuse matter hologram

For transparent objects, the transmittance light to intrude with the reference gentle and a hologram recording, called non-diffuse reflection sort hologram material. In fact, for clear objects, in order that the light scattering via a frosted glass screen, shine transparent objects, but in addition can get the diffuse reflection hologram.

Reflection-kind hologram. It's Pressure Tamper Evident Hologram Sticker

Was comparatively transmissive hologram involved, and its object is three-dimensional object mild of the reflected mild reasonably than transmitted light. Such holograms will be white replica, normally using section-type recording medium, the article's three-dimensional features are obvious.

In short, many kinds of hologram, along with the above, there are coaxial and the off-axis hologram , coherent and incoherent gentle hologram , continuous mild and the pulsed light hologram , etc. and there's not introduced one by one.


Holographic recording medium

Ideally suited linear recording recording medium should satisfy the situations of tolerance, and have a high decision, and no noise is recorded, there isn't a restrict of the red wavelength, which can be full-color recording. In addition, the recording medium requires a excessive sensitivity, excessive diffraction efficiency, simple processing, storage stability, etc. may be reused. Holographic media at present used, there are silver halide emulsion, is a super-particle amplitude hologram recording a recording medium; dichromate gelatin gel salts, i.e. DCG, a holographic recording medium; photoresist, Hutchison is a reduction planar part

Recorded media, in addition to mild thermal plastic material, mild shade photopolymer materials and so on.

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