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Photorefractive Hologram Storage

Holographic storage is currently the most promising high-speed large-capacity information storage technologies in information processing, aerospace, multimedia, and large databases and other fields have very broad application prospects. Holographic storage research key issues to be addressed in three aspects: First, the storage material; Second, storage-related devices and systems; Third storage technical problems. Storage materials, for common storage materials, the most widely used. Currently in volume holographic storage capacity has been achieved through a sophisticated multiplexing some success, but the reproduction of the information about the clarity and resolution to be improved. The study is a holographic storage, including materials research, photovoltaic technology research, and mechanical design in one comprehensive study on the environmental conditions and requirements are more stringent.

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Information and optical information storage

Information and information storage

Quantization information in bits (bit), in general, the amount of information bits of the digital data bits no distinction. According to the research report, the information storage capacity of the human brain than in 10bit, approximately equivalent to the U.S. National Archives 10 times the amount, yet no any cell memory device can exceed.

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Various disk (including hard disk), can achieve a large storage capacity, called the mass storage device. To achieve storage capacity, access time is short (fast), low price of storage systems, optical information storage technology came into being, and quickly developed into a pillar industry of information technology.

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Optical information is stored in the information storage advantages Mass

Optical storage mainly refers to computers and other communication systems with online mass storage technology. Optical information storage medium thickness can be divided according to the storage surface storage (two-dimensional memory) and bulk storage (three stores), according to data access can be divided into storage and page-by-bit parallel storage, while the functions can be divided into read-only and rewritable optical storage disc storage. CD is a bit two-dimensional memory storage media, since the late 1960s, the United States ECD and IBM jointly developed the world's first

Since the disc, the disc recording density has far more than 1,000 / mm or more, inexpensive and compact disc read-many sound and image clarity are tape and hard disk, etc. can not be compared.

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Holographic storage characteristics

Holographic technology in the 1960s with the development of laser holography and the emergence of a high-density three-dimensional optical storage technology. Holographic storage is three-dimensional optical storage is the most characteristic and potential of massive information storage technology. Compared with other data storage methods, holographic storage has many outstanding advantages: large storage capacity, data redundancy, capacity, data transfer rate, access times as fast, anti-electromagnetic interference capability and so on. Therefore, the solution to the current volume holographic storage juice computer and multimedia communications in the common input / output bottlenecks, has great potential.

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With magnetic storage and optical storage technology, holographic storage has the following features and benefits.

High redundancy: a hologram stored in the distributed information, and each information unit is stored in the hologram on the entire surface (or the entire volume), the recording medium is defective or damaged part of the information element does not cause ^ Since lost. This is due to the wavefront hologram reproducing nature, any other memory technology can not have.

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High storage capacity: three-dimensional optical data storage density in accordance with the theoretical upper limit, the theory of volume holographic data storage memory honey degrees.

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High data transfer rates and fast access time: holographic storage data is stored in the form of pages and recovery. All the bits of each page are recorded and read out in parallel, rather than as magnetic and optical disks, the data bits in serial mode access point by point. In addition, do not use holographic memory disks and CD storage system required electromechanical read / write, and can be used without the inertia of beam deflection (such as acousto-optic deflector), the reference light wavelength tuning spatial phase modulation or other means, In the data retrieval process may be non-mechanical addressing, the addressing time of a page of data, and disk systems generally require mechanical addressing lOms.

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Content can be addressed in parallel: holographic memory can be directly output the image data or an optical reproducing, after which the information retrieval process more flexible. For example, any holographic memory through work in the Fourier transform domain are able to perform related operations. Using appropriate optical system may be stored in a read out all of the information in the holographic memory, or read simultaneously during the given input image correlation is performed in parallel for the full images (pages) the search and identification operation.

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Photorefractive holographic storage of general characteristics

Lithium niobate (LiNb03) crystal is a very important and has a variety of uses piezoelectric electro-optic crystal. Has been widely used to make devices such as surface acoustic wave devices, high-frequency transducers, infrared detectors, laser modulator, the laser frequency, optical parametric oscillator, from the band-pass filter, delay, optical waveguide devices.

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LjNb03 crystal electro-optical properties as excellent and a wide range of optical nonlinearity, it has been an important photorefractive materials, optical storage, optical amplification, optical switches, narrowband filtering have a wide range of applications. In the optical holographic storage field, the current LiNb03 crystal is the most widely used one grain a Bong.

Crystal holographic storage notable features

Storage capacity. Using a volume hologram stringent Bragg selectivity 'may be the same storage volume holograms multiple store large, and thus the effective storage density of the crystal is high. The current angle multiplexing, wavelength multiplexing, shift multiplexing: a randomized phase coding multiplexing and speckle multiplexing can achieve multiple holographic storage.

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High-speed data access. And any other form of information storage technology different from that in the holographic storage units of a page of data is read in parallel, and therefore has a very high transmission speed, the limit will be dominated by the input / output means - (SLM / CCD ) decision. Currently, multi-channel CCD detector array operating speed has reached 128MHz. Holographic storage system using parallel data read and write speeds

Have content addressing. If you do not have a reference light when read by the image information to carry a piece of physical volume of light irradiation public storage usage by the angle multiplexing multiple holograms, it will read out a series of different directions, "a reference light," and various light Strength size represents the corresponding memory image and the degree of similarity between the input image, the use of this association feature allows addressing operation related to the content of the image correlation function calculation based on the rapid target identification, automatic vehicle navigation, positioning satellites graph matching , a large database retrieval application is very important.

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Photorefractive holographic storage

China in the photorefractive holographic storage research started late in the development of holographic memory devices lags behind the developed countries, but the country's non-linear optical crystal growth technology at the international advanced level, with a considerable advantage. Salt Institute, Institute of Physics, Institute of Crystal Materials, Shandong University, Harbin Institute of Technology Department of Applied Chemistry and other units can grow a variety of types, good optical quality photorefractive materials. The main advantage of the photoelectric functional materials and basic research and a lot of emphasis on the poor side of scientific research have a great relationship.

Hologram Stickers, Transparent Hologram Sticker

Currently, the storage in the use of photorefractive crystals, such as LiNb0, etc., these materials exist slow response, scattering, grating fixed issues; semiconductor materials, although the corresponding class of photorefractive effect fast but small; organic photorefractive polymer In terms of performance, although some things have improved, but poor stability of these materials exist, the corresponding long time and some other problems, but also needs further study. However, the rapid development of related devices will make it a volume holographic storage obstacle to development. Photorefractive holographic storage technology to solve some issues, including the following aspects.

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