One Step Rainbow Hologram Principles and Methods

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One Step Rainbow Hologram Principles and Methods

One step rainbow hologram is made with respect to the two-step Benton rainbow holographic purposes. Essentially, a step and two-step rainbow rainbow is not much difference, but in the recording step, the step rainbow easier.

One step hologram records onto photoresist. It's the glass master origination for security hologram label.

The nature of the rainbow hologram to reproduce the image of the observer and the object image is formed between a slit, so that the observer the image formed by the slit image of the object point of view, in order to achieve white color image reproduction. Chan election Yangzhen Huan other is the use of an object and the lens while the slit like a record, so you do not first Fresnel hologram it.

One step hologram recording

Objects placed twice the focal length of the lens L, the image of the object is located at twice the focal length at the image side, the slit is located near the focus F from outside the office, then the image side focal point other than the slit constituting the far real image S. Hologram dry plate near the image of the object can be placed before or after D, or to make things as 0 Day across the dry plate to form a hologram image plane. To reproduce the convenience, the reference light can be parallel light or spot light (diverging).

2D Hologram is made by one step holography

Imaging lens only real image of the object into a pair of slits is not a real image from virtual image.

The inverse reproduction reference light illumination, the formation of a real image of the slit and the virtual image of the object, the observer's eye placed at the real image of the slit, can observe the virtual image of the object (artifacts). Therefore, this optical path is only suitable for two-dimensional object records.

2D/3D Hologram Security Sticker is made by one step holography

Two-step rainbow advantage of large field of view, but with the two laser exposure, speckle noise, SNR small; while step Rainbow program is simple, speckle noise is small, high SNR; But the field by lens with aperture and field diaphragm restrictions.

Rainbow master origination made by one step holography

Rainbow on field of view and observation step is limited in scope, the current proposed solutions are:

Using a large aperture imaging lens.

Concatenate the two lenses used.

In the holographic plate H preceded by a field lens, ie with field lens step rainbow.

2D/3D Hologram Security Sticker is made by one step holography lab with optics by He-cd laser.

With one step rainbow holographic field lens

About one step rainbow holographic image quality, two-step rainbow holographic image quality analysis

Astigmatism rainbow holography: rainbow hologram astigmatism is used in the recording in the optical path line of the cylindrical lens to reduce the width of the hologram, so as to expand the field of view, reducing the color blur, the purpose of improving signal to noise ratio, the more suitable rainbow holography on white three dimensional holographic display. Blurred by the color formula and line holograms.

Hologram is made by one step holography lab with hologram len optics

Hologram of astigmatism, when the reproduction of white light illumination, because the hologram line narrowing, the color blur in the same case, the slit allows wider, so that you can reduce the speckle effect, improve the SNR, and this Meanwhile, the depth of field and field of view can be increased.

Rainbow holographic applications: rainbow holography in white light holography occupies an important position. Such as the production of artistic charm large rainbow holograms, holographic molding replication of the original holograms; addition, in the production of transmissive type color holograms, color film preservation, holographic interferometry, there are many other aspects of the application.

Hologram Sticker, Security holographic seal made by one step holography.


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