Hologram Speckle Technology and its Development

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Hologram Speckle Technology and its Development

Kind of operation is generally in a laboratory vacuum coating machine for. Or evaporation in a vacuum coater specimen material itself, to obtain a single coating grating, the grating has the advantage that its thermal expansion coefficient and the base line, heat not falling.

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Young's modulus and Poisson's ratio is the characterization of the mechanical behavior of materials are two important parameters. Conventional methods measure these two parameters are mainly electrical measuring method and the extensometer method, which has the advantage of ease of operation at room temperature; using extensometers, displacement measurement and intuitive; electrical measuring rule high sensitivity, and can be read directly on the strain gauge the strain data or XY recorder was drawn directly on the stress-strain curve characteristics. However, regardless, is an extension method or electrical measuring method, they all belong to contact measurement. Therefore, if used at high temperatures, then ask their displacement measuring element essential to high temperature, and this is precisely the problem is difficult to solve.

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High Moire Interferometry Experiment: The following analysis of the laser moire interferometry measuring high elastic modulus and Poisson's ratio of the experimental system and the experimental procedure.

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Moire Interferometry schematic diagram of the optical device includes u, v field four beam splitting means, lasers, totally reflecting mirror, beam expander, aspheric lenses and Hologram units. Out of the light from the laser mirror through the whole beam expander lens and aspherical lenses obtained after a large area of uniform parallel light, and then the u, v separating means, so that the two coherent light beams of ± 1-order diffracted light separating means the region between the furnace and experimental interfere city, moiré interference fringes generated by the full reflection mirror to the CCD camera, the completion of image data directly to the computer memory.

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The CCD camera, the image data to complete the computer is stored directly, to avoid the time-consuming hologram cumbersome wet processing, improve the efficiency of the experiment. In a high temperature environment, since the furnace emits red He-Ne laser is used, the furnace is formed of light that is the background noise, the use of 4f Fourier spatial filtering system, the specimen between the CCD camera, add a couple Fourier transform lens and the focal plane into a variable aperture stop, the background brightness can weaken furnace to a minimum, in order to improve image resolution, as shown in Fig 8-6. Multiplying the second order Moire fringe method of enhancing the image or optical edge contour differential processing method, it is possible to further improve the accuracy of image analysis. Another new experiment to try is to use a better coherence semiconductor laser pumped solid state laser at a wavelength of 532nm, in this section moire interferometer improvements in design using this green solid-state lasers, which enables high-temperature furnace red shadow brightness of the background noise sound reduction.

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Hologram laser speckle interferometry

Hologram speckle technology and its development

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Speckle phenomenon refers to the use of laser irradiation of the surface of the diffuse, scattered light at the surface, or directly irradiated with a laser beam on the screen, speckle, the transmittance of light, according to Huygens' principle, are regarded as a new point light, the laser coherence is good, these points are coherent light source secondary source, phase interference between them will produce long or interfere destructively, so the surface of the object space or speckle screen space after the formation of numerous highlights and dark spots, These bright and dark spots referred to as speckle.

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As a rough surface structure of a panel or speckle irregularity, speckle is random distribution, which makes the increase in background noise hologram and reduce the resolution of the reproduced hologram, the surface of this granular spots or flicker, is useless information; however, the surface figure contains a speckle displacement or deformation of the information, that speckle rough surface with reflection, the light source and the light source to the recording device on the optical path between.

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Laser Hologram speckle technique is mainly used in mechanical measurements, such as material fatigue detection, vibration mode shapes of the body, fracture mechanics and so on.

The advantage of Hologram laser speckle interferometry: a simple optical arrangement, the device easy to implement, and can be recorded using a beam of light, from the Hologram vibration isolation table, the amount of displacement of the three-dimensional space can be obtained audience distribution, has become an important branch of interferometry .

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Speckle Photography Hologram principle: diameter D of the lens restrictions may distinguish between the imaging lens and the image plane of minimum area corresponds to the area of the small. The illumination light is highly coherent, and in a small area on the object plane of the light diffused in the image plane corresponding to the random interference occurs on a small area, the formation of random distribution of bright spots and dark spots. If a film on the same before and after deformation of two states for two exposure photography, film in a spot on the map to get a superposition of two double-exposure speckle photograph from the same small area: random distribution of the same size and in the same direction at different small areas, "holes" or "dual" are of different directions and distances, these "holes" Obviously storage plane displacement or deformation of the information. Records and application of speckle interferometry

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Speckle pattern recorded like a beam of light reflection hologram, the one thousand plate bracket directly close to the surface, and fixed to a point on an object, the recording medium by irradiating laser light to the surface. Rough surface from the object reflected light interfere with each other to form a speckle. It is the object undeformed before the first exposure.

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Hologram speckle interferometry applications

Hologram speckle interferometry technique was first proposed as a means of fatigue detection, real-time method, by correlation analysis on the spot, the object can be detected either fatigue or corrosion caused by surface diffusion changes, they can crack or corrosion on the fatigue crack for early detection . Since speckle interferometry and optical devices simply furnished, in experimental stress analysis, internal displacement can be opposite from the surface displacements and rotations are three important parameters were measured, and thus speckle interferometry has developed rapidly, especially in the application of fracture mechanics . The metal material member fixed at one end, one end of the load obtained in the case of speckle pictures, when the laser beam scanning speckle photos, the crack of the member mutated Young's interference fringes.

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