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Hologram Replication Overview

Achieve multiple records hierarchical approach

2D/3D Hologram Security Sticker

The experiment used a laser wavelength of 633nm He - Ne laser, holographic recording medium version, experimental shock platform made of air column vibration isolation platform hologram. Two-dimensional optical path identification with images and speckle screen mask 0t D stacked together, clamping in a move back and forth along the optical axis Si rail, and on the physical recording medium Ⅳ light through the imaging lens dimensional image logo image on day nearby. Reference light plane wave, beam expander, add pinhole filter. Achieve multiple recording rainbow holograms, there are three effective way.

2D/3D Holographic Security Sticker with laser etching serial numbering.

Changing the reference beam direction, M2 clamped on a rotating turntable with an angular scale, the turntable rotation can be adjusted relative to the recording medium, the reference light angle.

DOT-MATRIX Security Holographic Label with laser etching serial numbering.

Lateral movement slit, select the appropriate angle of incidence and the reference light and the optical axis angle of the slit, the slit light is actually changed. The angle between the optical axis center to the guarantor eye observed in the direction to the reproduction images.

DOT-MATRIX Security Holographic Label with Beehive Tamper Proof Features.

Knowledge and speckle-screen fixture, the specific location of the imaging lens according to geometrical optics calculation formula juice. After record change. Reference beam direction, then move to another location, for the second exposure, and so forth, but must pay attention to the reference light change direction. Colors distinguish. Experiments, the change in direction as the reference light angle is limited, often long on recording level utilization of the above three methods, in principle, for several images recorded on the exposure times.

DOT-MATRIX Security Holographic Label with Full Tamper Proof Features.


Hierarchical pattern recorded

Optical parametric design and results

Multiple transmission volume hologram can be recorded, as long as each record of the object light and reference light by changing the degree of M, the reconstructed image will be interfering. Light path used in the experiments, the recorded mark large diameter of 75mm, the background is slightly larger length and width lOOmm. Laser output power 50mW, 25 times as a beam expander microscope objective, pinhole filter coffee <lOl_cm. Optional slit width 6mm, length 25mm. The angle between the reference beam and the object beam starting at 45. First experiment records and recording reference light to change the angle of incidence. Narrow the distance between every lateral movement, the depth of the recorded image from the level of easily obtained from the imaging transmitting formula.

3D Volume Hologram. It's photopolymer.

The main feature is a step experimental imaging, multi-layered perspective rainbow holographic reproduction, clear imaging strong sense of hierarchy, a combination of the current domestic production of anti-counterfeit labels of several effective methods, especially suitable for making credit card anti-counterfeit labels, its shortcomings The sub-level is limited, i.e. the exposure of several layers, the operation longer, is less than two-step method is simple, but adds a certain procedures. More generally the four-F5 or repeated exposure of the recording medium but to make a hologram diffraction efficiency. One-step recording imaging systems exist advantages and disadvantages are obvious, it is passed through a slit light scattering identification records, access to viewing angle, High energy efficiency, will identify the pattern close to the dry version, not easy to get clear hierarchical record . Since the recording interference fringe pattern only in the light-transmitting section generates, the higher the SNR of the hologram.

2D/3D Holographic Security Sticker. Authentic, Genuine, Valid, Security hologram.


Hologram manufacturing conditions, to the laser, shock desk, and various optical elements such as beam splitter, totally reflecting mirror, beam expander, a collimator lens, an imaging lens or a Fourier lens and the like. Also, a hologram recording takes a lot of time.

2D/3D Holographic Security Sticker.


Original hologram can reproduce the light of its redundancy. And the reference light R interfere another, forming the second hologram, no additional reference light R, but to record several special, some only used during recording light beam illumination. Currently, hologram replication technology are the following four.

2D/3D Holographic Security Sticker.

Copy volume hologram

The diffraction efficiency of a volume hologram illumination light has a high wavelength selectivity, the angle of the illumination light or the light source position, such as the transmission-type volume hologram, also has a high selectivity. Therefore, replication of the volume hologram hologram master key is illuminated

2D/3D Holographic Security Sticker. 3D Holographic sticker.

Transmission-type copy of the volume hologram, because the volume hologram not simultaneously reproduce the original image and the conjugate image light wave, requires only two waves interfere date of the recording medium to the emulsion surface of the overlap.

2D/3D Holographic Security Sticker. 3D Holographic sticker.

Reflection-type volume hologram replication, day and day position must be exchanged, still maintaining their latex face stickers, and sometimes also when copying between the two polymer surfaces and the latex was added dropwise a refractive index matching liquid medium, copy sheet almost the same diffraction efficiency.

Holographic sticker, ORIGINAL with 3D background

Embossed hologram replication technology

Embossed hologram production can be divided into three stages: the original hologram recording, molds (electroforming), molded replication.

True Color Hologram made by one step holography onto photoresist.

Original hologram recording: For molded copy of the original hologram must be shown in white relief type phase hologram. Embossed hologram recording original molding replication technology is playing a part in one of the most important, it determines the success or failure of the mold, the final decision of the embossed hologram quality.
Two-step recording method: it is basically a recording light path the same two-step rainbow hologram.

Amplitude-type one step hologram recording the diffraction records iimages onto photoresist.


Color film preservation

Preservation of color film can be said that the above process in a "reverse use." Color film of the original black and white film is difficult to dye relatively long time to save, you can use this step rainbow holography, holographic film in black and white to save Dover also into the original color film. This method does not depend on the diffraction of light by pigment saved, it is actually in accordance with the principles of the color rainbow holographic storage in white being.

Hologram sticker is made by one step holography lab with hologram len optics

Color film preservation shortcomings: difficult to implement and use, reduction difficult, making it difficult to re-color restoration without bias color, and shall use three lasers, high cost, there is dispersion noise. With digital photography filmless technology and some image processing software applications, holographic color film preservation method has been applied as a better way.

Hologram sticker is made by one step holography lab with hologram len optical tabel, optic, laser

Rainbow holographic interferometry

Holographic interferometry ordinary reproduction process required a coherent light source and generates speckle or coherent noise; rainbow holographic interferometry available white reproduction, speckle noise is low, contrasting high.


Hologram ID Overlay made by one step holography lab with optics by He-cd laser.

Reproduction based on multi-tiered step angle rainbow hologram

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Types of sensitive anti-counterfeiting labels  

Security design and comprehensive anti-counterfeiting label. How to make design for security hologram. How to combine security features on hologram label. DNA-based anti-counterfeiting labels, Hologram seccuerity anti-counterfeit labels and OVD, Anti-counterfeiting tamper technology for packaging sealing and anti-counterfeit labels. Too see samples, please visit VOID Destructive, Honeycomb Destructive, ORIGINAL Destructive, and normal Pressure Destructive Tamper Evident Hologram Sticker

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