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Hologram Grating Interference

Space two coherent laser beams to two angles only when they meet in their intersection region will produce interference phenomena, the formation of light and dark parallel planes, which are parallel to the two light Cambodia bisector. Wave train 1 and 2 respectively, the wave train ± mouth propagation direction, a thin solid line in the figure groups, represents the vertical direction along the wave train propagation wave front; wave amplitude; two light propagation direction in the phase variation in the pitch in Fig.

Fresnel len effect holographic film. Fresnel Lens Hologram Film

Laser Moire Interferometry laboratory equipment device consists of five components: lasers, optical systems, heating systems, loading systems, computer data acquisition system.

Fresnel Morie len effect holographic film. Fresnel Lens Hologram Film


Moire Interferometry schematic diagram of the optical device. It consists of four beam splitting means, lasers, totally reflecting mirror, beam expander, aspheric lenses and Hologram vibration isolation platform. Out of the light from the laser mirror through the whole beam expander lens and aspherical lenses obtained after a large area of uniform parallel light, and then the u,, separating means, so that the two coherent light beams, l-order diffracted light separating means and laboratory furnace area between the interference, resulting moiré fringes, reflected by the total reflective mirror to the CCD camera, the completion of image data directly to the computer memory. Diffraction grating moire can be used as an optical information processing, a two-lens imaging system 4f Fourier optical filter constituting the optical path.

Hologram Sticker, moire hidden text security tamper proof DOT-MATRIX Security Hologram Label

Based on the diffraction grating optical filtering characteristics, the brightness of the background weakened furnace to improve the quality of the moiré fringe pattern, moire method improves measurement accuracy and improved optical filtering moire effect is not only doubled, but also the moire fringes refinement, to filter the noise on the moiré interference and improve the contrast of moire.

Hologram Sticker, moire hidden text security tamper proof DOT-MATRIX Security Hologram Label


Heating system consists of high-temperature laboratory furnace and temperature control system moire composed of two parts. High moire temperature laboratory furnace is designed to meet the requirements of moire interferometry experiments designed and developed, which uses electric wire as a heating element, heating power.

Hologram Sticker, moire hidden text security tamper proof DOT-MATRIX Security Hologram Label

Experimental maximum temperature, while there is a llOmm × llOmm multilayered silica glass observation window, can directly observe the status of the specimen in the furnace, so that the two coherent light beams of ± 1-order diffracted light separating means in the region between the furnace and the experimental interference occurs between the gate and the test piece in which the reference grid produced moiré interference fringes. Temperature control temperature control system uses a computer via a thermocouple sensor to collect the furnace temperature, CPU data processing to control the furnace temperature laboratory furnace moire, you can also manually set the temperature.

Hologram Sticker, Golden color true color security tamper proof True Color Hologram

Hologram grating system

Generally, people will moire interferometry measurement sensitivity is defined as: fringe orders generated unit displacement, the higher the frequency of the grating, there stripes grade of the same, the corresponding displacement is smaller, the higher the measurement sensitivity. Therefore, in order to improve measurement sensitivity, the gate line can improve the working frequency. Hologram grating system generally used for more than one raster 600lin/mm production.

Hologram Sticker, Transpaent security hologram ovrelay, Transparent Hologram Sticker

Therefore placed at the hologram original plate material, a zero expansion 600lin/mm standard grating, two beams collimated by adjusting the parallelism of the light and angle of incidence, the grating surface The interference fringe is reduced to zero field, the angle between the incident light will meet. And so on, making 600lin/mm specimen grid is necessary to use a standard gate 300lin/mm adjust the optical path.

Hologram Label, MATRIX Security Holographic Label

Only when the optical path to adjust to zero field, the grating frequency and standard error of the gate before the 1/finm less. In the actual moire interferometry tests, sometimes need to make non-standard Hologram grating trillion.

Hologram hard embosser. The equipment How to make design for security hologram


Proportion to the original glue diluted with a good first photoresist can spare, according to the selected gate line density ratio of 1:1-1:7 with diluent. The polished specimens scrub with detergent to the specimen surface water film complete without rupture, and then quickly dry compressed air. Loaded on the specimen fixture, first wash the ear ball blow, and then glue the head tube around dropper inhalation Imm photoresist, about 10 drops of epoxy to the specimen surface, requiring no bubbles as possible, and then covered with cover, High Speed Centrifugal glue about 15s, to the reflective surface of the specimen is golden yellow.

Hologram hard embosser. The equipment How to make design for security hologram


Specimen then positive, then negative stereotype, and then use darker unglued NaOH solution, and then washed with water, quickly dry.

Zero thickness is generally in the replicated Hologram grating on the basis of the production of the grating. That is, it is to complete the preliminary work photoresist gratings, the previously described steps and the step of copying the same grating. The next important task is electrochemically etched grating, and many types of high-temperature alloys, each alloy composition varies Cheung, chemical etching formula is also more difficult to grasp.

Spoon Hologram Label, Holographic Sticker in reel

Therefore, the electrochemical etching, the specimen directly connected to the DC constant current power supply positive and a negative electrode lead plate, etching using several acid, such as concentrated phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, citric acid and the amine according to test ratio. At 0. 5A less current is applied, the majority of high-temperature alloys can react at room temperature, shortly after energization (usually less than Imin) to get the desired raster. Gate line photoresist remain covered mirror-finished, and are not covered by the photoresist is etched grooves clear, the microscope is ideal.

Transfer coating Hologram grating

Spoon Hologram Label, Holographic Sticker in reel

Transfer coating grating specific method is: in a flat glass plate coated with a photoresist spin coater, using the Hologram grating method or system of law on which the copy raster prepared glue gate, gate better quality rubber. Then, the gel mold release agent coated on the gate, a metal film deposited. Finally resin (A, B glue or epoxy and curing agent such as ethylenediamine) transferred to the metal grating and the specimen.


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