Hologram Patterns No.5

Hologram General Master Pattern 5

Small circle ring pattern.

Unit size: 1.5mm circle

Type: General Hologram Master

Material: PET, BOPP, Hot stamping foil, Transparent.

Thickness 25 micron, 30 micron, 50 micron, 100 micron

Color: silver , golden, green, blue,etc.

Circle ring hologram, 2D

Circle ring hologram, 2D

Circle ring hologram, 2D

Circle dot hologram pattern, widely used.

Circle hologram pattern, widely used.


Products Range:
- 2D/3D Hologram Sticker.
- Dot-matrix Hologram Sticker.
- Deep 3D Hologram Sticker.
- E-beam Hologram Sticker.
- Scratch-off Hologram Sticker.
- Common Type Pattern Release Hologram Sticker.
(For eg. Honey-comb Pattern, VOID, ORIGINAL, SECURITY, CONTROL and etc.)
- Customized Pattern Release Hologram Sticker.
- Multi-Channel [Flip-Flop] Hologram Sticker.
- OCRE Hologram Sticker.
- Laser Covert Image Hologram Sticker.
- Reflective Hologram Sticker.
- Tamper Evident Hologram Sticker.
- Decoder Image Hologram Sticker.
- Demetallized Hologram Sticker.
- Serial Number Hologram Sticker (Black or Transparent Laser Numbering).
- Micro-Text Embedded Hologram Sticker.
- Nano-Text Embedded Hologram Sticker.
- Fragile Hologram Sticker.
- General Pattern Hologram Sticker.
- UV Protected (Invisible Ink) Hologram Sticker.
- Temperature sensitive Sticker.
- Etc.

- 2D/3D, Dot-matrix, Deep 3D and E-beam technology.
- Holographic effect with security and anti-counterfeiting characteristic.
- Self-adhesive.
- Good vivid and sparkling visual, easy to captivate consumer eyeball and increase market share.
- Distinguish and protect your brand.
- Upgrade your package, make your products high class.
- Additional security function on the hologram sticker will shut the door upon counterfeiter.
(For example invisible ink, hidden image/text, laser numbering and etc.)
- Customization according to customers need.

- Available in sheet or roll form.
- Color: Gold, silver, red, green, blue, transparent and etc.
- Base film: PET, 30 micron thickness.
- Shape: Round, Rectangle, Square, Triangle and etc.
- Sticker Size: According to customer needs.

- Tobacco.
- Electronic.
- Liquor.
- Cosmetic.
- Pharmaceutical.
- Government.
- Education.
- Textile / Fabric.
- Printing and Packaging.
- Cash Voucher / Coupon Protection.
- Document Protection.
- Signature Protection.
- Certificate Protection.
- Etc.