Anti-counterfeiting technology in the field of wine packaging label

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Anti-counterfeiting technology in the field of packaging wine label

Counterfeiters in the past 20 years, the increasing level of technology in the hands of more and more resources, which means that all manufacturing, trading, import and sale of products may become the target of counterfeiters , especially in high value-added products, while liquor but also bear the brunt. How to more effectively protect their brand reputation and the interests of the common pursuit of brand manufacturers at home and abroad, and anti-counterfeiting practitioners.

Anti-counterfeiting holographic sticker, true color. True Color Hologram

The dangers of fake and shoddy can not be measured in monetary terms, because the brand managers not only lost profits and sales, as well as the loss of brand credibility, the existence of counterfeit products makes consumers ultimately away from your brand and products . Because they have no way to judge the genuineness of the products had to choose a safe manner, and that is to give up to buy this product. How to avoid the occurrence of this phenomenon, select security technology to protect your products became inevitable. Do a simple introduction to on domestic liquor application of anti-counterfeiting technology, for reference only.

Pressure Tamper Evident Hologram Sticker. Self destructive/destructible hologram label

Market several anti-counterfeiting technology

A. security code technology

Code security technology principle: a label set a password, this password is unique, and the password is stored in the security code database, consumers buy products only need to make a call, send SMS or the Internet to enter the label on the password you can check the authenticity of the products people purchase to determine. Input person password system recovery does not exist or the password is incorrect, then the consumers to purchase the fake and shoddy products; the same time a password is used only once, when consumers query time, the security database to query records, the second query, the system will prompt the password has been queried consumers to purchase the fake and shoddy products.

Code security technology in the form of two, a scratch-type security code label, a uncover security code label.

1. Scratch security code label

Password Fu printed on the label upper label printed graphic information, and then covered in the password area scratch the silver coating obscured password. Consumers to buy the product, the scratch coating password to query the authenticity is the most common way domestic wine industry using this security label majority.

Anti-counterfeiting holographic sticker. Kinematic Dot-matrix with 2D/3D hologram. DOT-MATRIX Hologram and 2D/3D Hologram recombination.

2. Uncover security code label

Different from the scratch-type security code label, the label surface to see less security password, the label used in the form of the two layers, the graphic information is printed on the upper layer of the material, while the password endowed printed in the lower layer of material, the third step is a composite bottom paper, endowed printed materials lower the password is obscured. Lift the label given to consumers to buy the product, to stay in the packaging password. A layer of anti-counterfeiting scratch-type label of such security label, the label is lifted, it can not again be used, namely anti-multiplexing paste the security function, so production costs compared to scratch-type to be higher.

scratch off holographic label

Anti-counterfeiting scratch off holographic label.

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the security code:


1. Has a unique corresponding goods of any one security label is unique;
2. Easy to identify, and consumers to purchase goods, as long as the telephone network any way can be anywhere authenticity of the query to identify;

The unity of the management, this security label can be used in any type of goods, the use of the phone is now popular in the country, the network, and establish a national anti-counterfeiting network at any time monitoring, unified management;
Functional scalability, security password in addition to be able to identify the authenticity of the products, but also can play to facilitate enterprise logistics management function, functional anti Chuanhuo.

scratch off hologram labels in roll

Anti-counterfeiting scratch off holographic label. Hologram Label with Serial number and Scratch Layer.

Disadvantages: 1. Codes labeled anti-counterfeiting technology content is low, counterfeiters easily be able to counterfeit, counterfeiters can buy a real commodity, duplicate copy of this number, making labels, then the fake and shoddy goods on the on the market. Or counterfeiters can do a query data inquiries, please call a slight change (such as 4008635795 instead of 4008685795), if the consumers do not pay attention, it is easy to be deceived;

Electrical code label is difficult to do especially beautiful, not suitable for attractive packaging, the label of luxury goods;
The electrical code label query low rate, this is a widespread problem. While using the phone or the network can be very simple query the authenticity of the product, but the average consumer will still think that the query is too much trouble. And no way to identify genuine and fake before purchase, purchase, even if the query is fake and shoddy products, after-sales service is also more troublesome.

scratch off hologram labels in roll

Anti-counterfeiting scrach off holographic hot stamping foil.

Texture security technology

The above mentioned security code before consumers buy goods is no way to identify the authenticity of the goods must be in the purchase of goods, by the way the Scratch or lift the security password, in order to check the authenticity. Then the next step is to introduce this technology to achieve the consumer before the purchase will be able to know the authenticity of goods to choose to buy or not.

scratch off hologram labels in roll

Anti-counterfeiting hologram sticker with 3D and dot-matrix kinematic effect and guillochine lines.

Texture anti-counterfeiting technology principle: the so-called texture security is the material itself, a texture as the basis for anti-counterfeiting, material in the manufacturing process, constantly changing manufacturing environment exists, has left its different the texture, for example, the material in the filaments. The filaments in the location of the material surface is vastly different, random, only two different regions of the filaments distribution can not have exactly the same situation. Take advantage of this phenomenon, the choice clear texture of the material produced as a security label, a label texture shooting, Number, filing, deposit security database center. In this way, each tag corresponds to a different encoding a different picture. Consumers prior to purchase, comparison, verification through the network, the Telephone inquiries in order to determine whether the same, and to identify the authenticity of the goods, to avoid purchasing counterfeit and shoddy goods.

scratch off hologram labels in roll
Anti-counterfeiting hologram label with 3D and dot-matrix kinematic effect and guillochine lines. Honey comb Tamper Proof sticker. Self destructive/destructible hologram label in honey comb shape. Honeycomb Pattern Release

This principle determines the texture anti-counterfeiting labels is extremely difficult to counterfeit, paper, pulp parameters into a different length, a certain color, similar to the hair filaments. Clear filaments randomly distributed in the making of paper, security labels, printed in this paper a label fiber texture are different, in order to produce exactly the same two paper texture distribution, just like you want to find As early as two fingerprints are exactly the same people, and almost impossible to achieve and therefore extremely difficult to counterfeit.

Texture anti-counterfeiting technology, the advantages and disadvantages of analysis:
Advantages: 1. Random filaments is extremely difficult to counterfeit. All filaments are randomly distributed in the paper-making process, which, shape, direction, and so the number of counterfeiters is difficult to achieve.
First query, after the purchase, the texture information on the label is open to the public, consumers prior to purchase by telephone, internet and other ways to check the authenticity of trouble to avoid purchase Maidaojiahuo future claims or returns processing.

scratch off hologram labels in roll

Anti-counterfeiting holographic label with 3D and dot-matrix kinematic effect and guillochine lines.

3. Identify the rate of 100%, a label distribution of filaments, it does not appear the phenomenon of false positives, accurate query results.

Disadvantages: texture security tags, the security tags principle determines the complexity of the production process, after completion of the label printing, the need for the texture of the label distribution image shooting, capture, extraction and down, and the form of data stored in the security system database The process is complex.

Intaglio anti-counterfeiting technology.

The intaglio is a traditional printing, graphic information has significantly raised sense, intaglio latent image printing identification method is more simple, not easy to counterfeit. Early intaglio printing equipment belonging to national exclusive control equipment, must go through the approval of relevant state departments to the introduction of this technology has high anti-counterfeiting, it is generally used in security documents and banknotes above, and securities above. In recent years, this technology has also been used in the security of the civilian products, several large domestic brand of wine with this technology.
The intaglio security technology principle: gravure printing the original graphic engraving pit uploaded ink, exactly the same as the shape of the pits with the original graphic, line thickness, and the shades of ink level in the engraved version can arbitrarily control can not be easily imitated and imitation, especially pit of shades of ink, in accordance with the printed graphic lifelike carving the possibility is very small. Deep pits, the amount of ink contained thick ink layer substrates imprinted on; Conversely, if shallow pits, the amount of ink contained small, remain imprinted in the substrates The ink layer on thin. This difference is caused raised a sense of the printed surface do not, the consumer is extremely easy to identify.

scratch off hologram labels in roll

Hexagonal Shape Tamper Proof hologram sticker. Honeycomb Pattern Release

Second, humidity anti-counterfeiting technology

Moisture-sensitive anti-counterfeiting technology is a new anti-counterfeiting technology, printing materials, a special anti-counterfeiting materials - moisture-sensitive materials. Moisture-sensitive printing material is ultra-porous materials using special technology and equipment production, microporous surface distribution arranged in accordance with certain rules, channels with superior permeability performance, through a special process microporous membrane and substrate composite then after printing and other anti-counterfeiting labels made to customer requirements.

The principle of moisture-sensitive anti-counterfeiting technology: printed graphic information on the substrate surface, and then the microporous membrane and substrate composite, and then coated in microporous membrane printing graphic information, water, alcohol and other transparent liquid on the label surface, the label surface immediately become transparent (about a tenth of a second), hidden in the microporous membrane following graphic information instantly clear observation with a magnifying glass can also be reflected in its unique texture characteristics when the liquid volatile finished surface and restitution this simple identification methods can be repeated many times.

Moisture-sensitive anti-counterfeiting technology identification method is very simple, ordinary consumers can easily identify the authenticity of goods before buy goods, mistakenly argue the basic rate to zero. The entire humidity-sensitive material of the production process as well as the anti-counterfeit labels printing process is very complex, unique and very expensive, so the cost of the difficulty of its generic and generic.

scratch off hologram labels in roll

Hexagonal Shape Tamper Proof hologram sticker. Self destructive/destructible hologram label in honey comb shape. Honeycomb Pattern Release

The advantages and disadvantages of the moisture-sensitive anti-counterfeiting technology analysis:


1. Production of exclusive, humidity-sensitive material production technology and production equipment belonging to a domestic company's patented technology, counterfeiters is difficult to have;

2. Identification method is simple, transparent liquid such as water, alcohol, smear on the label surface, showing a variety of graphic information content immediate (one-tenth of a second);

3. Identify the first, after the purchase, the consumer before the purchase of goods, only need to use a transparent liquid, can be very simple to identify the authenticity of the goods, without the aid of any other apparatus, equipment;

4. Misuse defense was zero;

5. The label surface fine printing banknotes line, beautifully graphic information. Unlike simple drip disappear ink and nuclear track anti-counterfeiting technology.

Disadvantage: if a common substrate, then this counterfeit label can be repeatedly used, either recognized or not recognized, and are able to re-use. But for this shortcoming, the company production of moisture-sensitive security label the substrate not repeat the pasted material instead.

The wine labels security technology trend analysis

A comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technology

scratch off hologram labels in roll

Anti-counterfeiting holographic label with 2D/3D rainbow grating. VOID Tamper Evident. VOID Pattern Release Tamper Evident Destructive / VOID Destructible

Integrated security label can set the security industry anti-counterfeiting technology in one, the use of anti-counterfeiting security paper (including watermarks, security threads, colored filaments), holographic hot stamping, security inks, security design, improve efforts to protect the brand . The same label can contain obvious (people can easily identify through the senses), hidden (need to use simple technology tools for identification), precision (only through a dedicated precise identification of the instrument to identify the) anti-counterfeiting technology, the first two, and even the combination of all three to really play the role of brand protection.

Easy to identify anti-counterfeiting technology

The nature of the anti-counterfeiting labels, counterfeiters difficult to imitate, enable consumers to easily identify. As the technical barriers to the type of anti-counterfeiting technology, consumers can not distinguish between their senses 100% true labels and imitate the extent that the real difference between the 60% and even 40% of the imitation, so this type of technology, more high-tech concepts hype impractical for ordinary consumers, the anti-counterfeiting technology useless. The wine is a special commodity, though not the necessities of life, but a wide range of consumer groups, the authenticity of wine is related to public health, to be of concern. Easy to identify the type of wine labels authenticity is the key to the anti-counterfeiting technology.
With the improvement of the development of science and technology and management level, the wine industry anti-counterfeiting technology is inevitable development direction of science and technology and management techniques combined.
The use of the comprehensive anti-counterfeiting label is the only way to become a security label; "easy to identify, difficult to counterfeit," will become a common feature of the security label.

scratch off hologram labels in roll

Few misunderstood of the wine label anti-counterfeiting technology

A moot identification method

Such as "genuine packaging workmanship, pure color, graphic clarity" to identify methods
Second, anti-counterfeiting technology as of science and technology in general
Lost their uniqueness and security anti-counterfeiting technology is any real security role
Third, the average consumer is difficult to distinguish anti-counterfeiting technology
Need to use a special dedicated identify equipment to detect such equipment design is complex, expensive, and no issue on the market, with limited only in some special sales sites
Fourth, the anti-counterfeiting technology easily lead to disputes and disputes
If the consumer before the purchase can not identify the authenticity of the anti-counterfeiting technology
Anti-counterfeiting technology, seemingly esoteric, but there is a fatal drawback
Sixth, not obvious anti-counterfeiting technology
Seven, the low-end of the anti-counterfeiting technology is one of the reasons for the proliferation of counterfeit goods
The author proposes several major misunderstanding of the anti-counterfeiting technology, I engaged in security career since Experiences, how to get out of these errors, not only is a security enterprise is also worthy of consideration and the problems to be solved commodity producers. Otherwise, we want to The fakes reduce even extinct, probably just a never be able to achieve good wishes.


In recent years, the proliferation of counterfeit and shoddy goods, almost nowhere not everywhere, almost all brand-name goods are plagued by fake and shoddy behavior. Wines of high profits, the market is a replica of the more serious acts of fraud has seriously disturbed the normal market order, the famous crisis survival and development of enterprises, harm the interests of consumers and the physical and mental health. The application of anti-counterfeiting technology, has been caught in a vicious cycle of an anti-counterfeiting ? the counterfeit ? anti-counterfeiting ? fake single security technology has been difficult to really play a security role, the need to combine the advantages of anti-counterfeiting technology, the real protection of famous businessmen and the interests of ordinary consumers.

Why hologram has security features

First, it beacuse that hologram Inimitable own structure . Now most of the molded anti-counterfeit label, hologram hot stamping or holographic printing records one or more two-dimensional plane rainbow hologram pattern . Using hologram reproducing the characteristics of the three - dimensional stereoscopic images. It can be two or more) planar pattern coding along vertical stratification recorded on the hologram that re-emerged at different depths, each other plane image of the occlusion .

scratch off hologram labels in roll

Since the rainbow hologram has a variable nature of the color of the reproduced image , false color coding techniques can be used , so that different patterns or different portions in the same pattern reproduced in different holographic colors . Hologram itself is a high - density complex grating, so even if the same person in different places with the same pattern and no legal system a grating identical two hologram , different people harder to copy . This difference is most obvious manifestation for reproducing image layered depth and distribution of the different colors , of course , also includes the different indicators of the diffraction efficiency , the viewing angle , and SNR . So even with a full set of equipment and technology , generic the embossed hologram anti-counterfeit labels other home , is not an easy thing . That's why hologram itself is difficult for copying.



Moreover, hologram itself is a high-tech, it requires not only high-quality equipment shockproof station, lasers and various optical components and specialized chemicals, but more important is the need to operate technologically and experienced professionals to produce qualified hologram master. The hologram grating density is typically 1000 lines / mm, undulation height of only a few tenths of microns and therefore requested to pay attention to the electroforming process and high-precision, high-quality molded copy device and holographic images copy mechanical. Performance of ordinary printing technology compared with conventional equipment alone manual also can produce the products, the production of holographic trademark, technology, personnel, technology, equipment investment shows, making difficult is not easy to cop. We also supply full set hologram production line equipmemt. To buy these equipment, please contact us and see more information on link:

Affordable Hologram Machinery

Third, encrypted information in hologram sticker also make hologram is difficult to copy.

Too see samples, please visit Laser hidden text and Morie hidden text in hologram

The use of special optical coding technique can be encrypted in the hologram label, hologram hot stamping. These holograms or may be the reproduced size of the object with the human eyes to the change in distance between the hologram changes, or stored in the hologram of a point addition information, or the hologram itself is generated by a computer dot-matrix system. With a special three-dimensional object model as the target of the hologram, the reproduction is a perspective view identical to the original. Because of the higher technological content, therefore more difficult to be copied.




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